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By Josie

February 4th, 2023

Let's go exploring: 

Spain is associated with delicious food, stunning beaches, architecture and vivacious culture.

But how much do you know about the wildlife this Mediterranean country has to offer?

1. Iberian Lynx

The Iberian lynx is currently the world’s most endangered feline species.

However, conservation measures have seen its population inch above 400 in recent times.

The Iberian lynx mostly depends on wild rabbits to feed, but it will also eat ducks, young deer and partridges if rabbit densities are low.

While an adult lynx needs about one rabbit a day, a mother raising her young needs to catch about 3.

2. Spanish Ibex

Spanish ibexes are strong mountainous animals characterized by their large and flexible hooves and short legs.

Due to these physical adaptations, ibexes are able to run and leap on bare, rocky, rough, and steep slopes.

They have a unique way of signalling others about a predator. First, its ears and head point in the direction of the predator, before letting out an alarm call.

They usually flee in a very coordinated fashion that is led by an experienced adult female in female-juvenile groups and an experienced male in male-only groups.

3. Great Bustard

This bird is one of the heaviest birds alive today that can fly, it is found across Europe.

They develop a band of feathers on their breast and lower neck that are russet colored, becoming brighter and wider as they get older.

These birds are diurnal, and, among vertebrates, have one of the greatest differences in size between the sexes.

For this reason, males and females live in separate groups for almost the whole year, except during the mating season.

4. Eurasian Beaver

The Eurasian Beaver is found in habitats like Woodlands, slow moving river valley bottoms and floodplains.

They are large rodent with robust body, short neck and limbs.

Their large incisor teeth covered in orange enamel.

They are commonly found in small family groups comprise of a monogamous adult pair, young-of-year and sometimes young of the previous year.

Spanish wildlife is yet another reason to put this country on your bucket list (as if its stunning nature wasn't enough already.)

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