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Vietnam is among the most naturally diverse countries in Asia.

The country’s coastlines, caves, mountain ranges, swamps, rivers, and tropical forests provide for unforgettable wildlife experiences.

1. Asian Elephants

The Asian elephant is the largest land mammal on the Asian continent.

Despite the small wild population, human-elephant conflict is a serious and ongoing problem in Vietnam.

2. Asiatic Black Bears

They are the smallest, least well-known and one of the rarest of all the bear species.

Sun bears, also called Malayan sun bears, take their name from the marking on their chest.

3. Indochinese Tigers

Currently, the Indochinese tiger is listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

It’s believed there are around 350 Indochinese tigers left in the world.

This low population is due to poaching and habitat loss.

4. Pygmy Slow Loris

These animals reside in rainforests and degraded habitats as well as bamboo thickets in Vietnam and evergreen forest in Laos.

The slow loris is one of the few venomous mammals on earth, and the only venomous primate.

5. Pangolin

Like their fellow pangolin species elsewhere in Asia and Africa, they are being poached to extinction for their meat and their scales, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine, though there’s no evidence they are effective.

6. Crocodiles

There are two species of crocodile found in Vietnam: the Siamese crocodile and the saltwater crocodile.

Crocodile Lake is home to 200 crocs and is one of Cat Tien National Park’s highlights

7. Spinner Dolphin

The species name, longirostris, is Latin for “long beak,” referring to their slender shaped beak.

Regarded as one of the most acrobatic of dolphins, they are well known for their habit of leaping from the water and spinning up to seven times in the air.

Vietnam is a cultural hub of rich history and extensive natural resources.

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