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By Josie

February 7th, 2023

Wyoming is one of the most stunning states in America due to its small human living population and dense amounts of un- inhabited wild land!

Pack your binoculars, we're taking a trip:

There's not only one, but two iconic national parks in Wyoming where you can enjoy its lush wildlife!

National Parks

1. Yellowstone National Park 

2. Grand Teton National Park



1. Bison

As of May 9, 2016, the Bison is the official national mammal of the USA.

Bisons are the largest land-dwelling mammal in North America, males and females weighing 2000 and 1,100 lbs respectively.

2. Mountain Lions

Throughout its range its primary prey is hoofed mammals (ungulates, especially deer) larger than itself.

Mountain Lions are known by a few names: Puma, cougar, panther, or catamount.

3. Wolverines

Wolverines are the largest terrestrial member of the weasel family.

Females dig dens in deep snow to birth and raise young until they are old enough to venture out of the den.

Wolverines tend to use higher elevations where snow persists and temperatures stay cool, typically above 8,000 feet.

4. Bobcat

Bobcats are capable of hunting and killing prey that range from the size of a mouse to that of a deer.

Occasionally, insects and reptiles can be part of the bobcat’s diet.

Visible at close distances are black hair at the tip of the tail and prominent white dots on the upper side of the ears.

5. Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bears and Black Bears are plentiful in Wyoming; especially in Yellowstone and Teton National Park.

6. Wild Horses

They have always been symbols of the West, living examples of a wide-open landscape and an untamed frontier spirit.

Wild horses have no true natural predators other than the occasional mountain lion.

A trip to experience Wyoming's beautiful wildlife will undoubtedly grant you memories for life.

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