By Josie  October 27th, 2023

Witness These Adorable Alligator Babies Suntanning on Their Mother’s Back

We forget that it’s not only us humans that love suntannig, in fact, for reptiles it’s necessary for their bodies to function!

The prehistoric appearance, combined with their stealthy nature, is probably the reason these reptiles aren’t usually associated with the word “cute.”

This alligator family outing is about to change that though!

Alligators are ectothermic, meaning they rely on external sources to regulate their body temperature.

Why Do Alligators Suntan?

Sunbathing, or basking, is essential for them to raise their body temperature.

Alligator mothers are known for their protective nature. After laying eggs, the mother guards the nest fiercely, ensuring the safety of her offspring.

Baby alligators typically stay with their mothers for about one to two years.

How Long Do Alligator Babies Stay With Their Mother!

During this period, the mother protects them from potential predators, ensuring their survival. And, of course, lets them suntan on her back!

They are seen comfortably resting on their mother’s back, enjoying the warmth of the sun. What could be better?

Alligator Babies Suntanning

Even before hatching, baby alligators can communicate with their mother and siblings by emitting sounds from inside the egg.


Baby alligators are born with tiny teeth, enabling them to feed on insects, amphibians, and small fish.

Teeth Galore

Sadly, despite the mother’s protection, only a few out of the dozens of hatchlings survive to adulthood due to natural predators.

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