“Worst Nightmare” 3-foot Long Snake Found In Arizona Toilet

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The surprise

This hiss-torical event occurred on the 15th of July after the woman was eager to use her own toilet again after being away for four days

The attack

Found the coachwhip snake to have set up camp underneath her closed toilet seat

Coachwhip Snake Physical Characteristics

Base color ranging from brown to tan or even reddish

Darker bands or stripes that run along its length, adding to its unique appearance

Coachwhip Snake Physical Characteristics

Scientific Name

Masticophis flagellum


Various regions of North America

Grasslands, desert scrub, woodlands, and coastal areas


Preferred habitat


Generally shy and prefer to escape from threats rather than confront them


When disturbed, they might exhibit aggressive behavior by flattening their head, hissing, and striking

Non-venomous and rely on their speed for defense



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