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When Animals Go Rampant And Get Caught On Camera!

Animals Go Rampant
Animals Go Rampant. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow tv via YouTube

In the depths of human society, bordering on nature, where human beings live side by side with the fauna and flora, interesting things happen. Ranging from accusations of charging elephants to rooftop swine, these animals’ tales will surely entertain you.

Enter a new world, where the wildest things and animals are not fiction but reality, and animals set the course of action. So hold on tight as now we’re taking a roller coaster into the world of comic books!

Elephant’s Wrath: Farmer’s Daring Escape

Elephant attacks man
Elephant attacks man. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

Two farmers in Kesaguli Village, Karnataka, faced a charging wild elephant while working. One quick-thinking man sought refuge under a parked car, capturing the dramatic struggle on CCTV. Elephants are revered in Indian culture but can turn deadly when provoked.

Ram vs. Cyclist: Bizarre Road Showdown

Sheep attacks man on bicycle
Sheep attacks man on bicycle. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A French cyclist faced an unexpected adversary—a determined ram. The woolly assailant charged the bike multiple times, leading to a dramatic escape. Sheep, typically docile grazers, can surprise us with their tenacity.

Rooftop Swine: Urban Mystery Unfolds

Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A pig materialized on a rooftop, leaving onlookers bewildered. Whether prank or cosmic glitch, the rooftop swine defied logic.Pigs occasionally venture into unexpected places, challenging our assumptions.

Raining Rats: Apartment Intrigue

More than hundreds of rats
More than hundreds of rats. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A man liberated over 100 rats in one floor of an apartment blocking its operations. The eerie experience puzzled the people living in the area. Rats continue to multiply and become conspicuous and now, they are perceived as pure pests.

Kangaroo’s Dominance: Goat Standoff

Kangaroo attacking goat
Kangaroo attacking goat. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A kangaroo again tried to overpower a goat and it was the bulkiness that was on display here. Kangaroos employ their hind limbs for other things such as stability, and protection.

Crocodile Lunch Scare

Crocodile attacks man
Crocodile attacks man. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A man feeding chickens to a crocodile almost became its lunch. The reptile lunged at him, missing by inches. This close call highlights the danger of getting too close to these deadly creatures.

Monkey Mischief: Hair-Pulling Antics

Monkey snatches girl's hair
Monkey snatches girl’s hair. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A mischievous monkey pulled a girl’s hair, leaving her surprised and amused.Monkeys are curious and playful creatures.

Elephant Attacks Car

Elephant attacks car
Elephant attacks car . Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

In another terrifying encounter, an elephant attacked a parked car. The force of the attack was so strong that it left the vehicle slightly damaged. Thankfully, no one was hurt inside the car during the incident.

Lion Glass Barrier

Lions tried to attack the kid
Lions tried to attack the kid. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A lion attacked a child, but thankfully, a glass barrier stood between them. Without this protection, the outcome could have been tragic. This incident underscores the importance of safety measures in zoos.

Swine Butt Attack

Swine attacks girl's butt
Swine attacks girl’s butt. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A girl was attacked by a swine, which bit her on the butt. The sudden attack left her startled and in pain. This aggressive behavior was out of character for the animal.

Kangaroo Threatens Man

Kangaroo showcasing its body!
Kangaroo showcasing its body! Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A kangaroo threatened a man by showing off its muscular body. The intimidating display made the man back off quickly. This encounter showcased the kangaroo’s ability to assert dominance.

Crocodile Safety Net

Angry Alligator
Angry Alligator. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A crocodile attacked vigorously, but a safety net was in place. The net saved the person from a potentially deadly bite. This incident highlights the importance of safety measures when dealing with dangerous animals.

Bear Cage Escape

Man locks himself in cage for brown bear
Man locks himself in cage for brown bear. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A man locked himself in an iron cage and let a bear try to break it. The bear’s powerful attempts were both thrilling and terrifying. This stunt was a daring display of man’s interaction with wildlife.

Fish Face Attack

Fish knocks off man's spectacle and hat
Fish knocks off man’s spectacle and hat. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A fish precisely attacked a man’s face from the water, knocking off his spectacles and hat. The sudden strike left the man surprised and momentarily blinded. This rare event shows the unpredictable nature of aquatic life.

Lioness Hotel Scare

Lioness in Hotel
Lioness in Hotel. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A lioness in a hotel frightened the residents. Her unexpected presence caused panic and confusion. The situation was quickly handled by animal control, but the scare was unforgettable.

Swan vs. Dog

Swan attacks Dog
Swan attacks Dog. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A swan showed a pet dog its place by spreading its wings and asserting dominance. The dog, clearly intimidated, backed off. This encounter was a powerful display of the swan’s territorial nature.

Ostrich Rampage

Hundreds of Ostrich run freely
Hundreds of Ostrich run freely. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

Hundreds of ostriches ran rampant on the streets after a zookeeper forgot to lock their enclosure. The large birds caused chaos and confusion among residents. This incident underscores the importance of proper animal handling procedures.

Orangutan Shirt Snatch

Orangutan Snatches Tshirt
Orangutan Snatches Tshirt. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

An orangutan snatched a man’s shirt and leg, refusing to let go. The man struggled to free himself from the strong grip. This encounter highlighted the strength and tenacity of orangutans.

Shark Boat Attack

Shark bites boat
Shark bites boat. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A shark bit an inflated boat, making a hole in it. The dangerous encounter left the occupants in a perilous situation. This incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of venturing into shark-infested waters.

Eagle Attacks Cyclist

Cyclist attacked by bird
Cyclist attacked by bird. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A cyclist girl was repeatedly attacked by an eagle or a similar big bird. The aggressive bird swooped down multiple times, causing the girl to seek shelter. This unusual event was both frightening and unexpected.

Horse in Bar

Horse in Bar
Horse in Bar. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A horse walked into a bar, baffling everyone inside. The surprising sight caused a mix of amusement and confusion. This bizarre event was a memorable experience for the patrons.

Monkey Tile Toss

Monkey throwing Tiles
Monkey throwing Tiles. Image (Screenshot) by @Wow Tv via YouTube

A monkey got on a park hut and started throwing tiles from the roof to the ground, breaking them all. This destructive behavior caused concern among park visitors. The incident was a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of wild animals.


These incredible animal encounters remind us of the unpredictability of wildlife. From narrow escapes to bizarre attacks, these stories are a testament to the power and unpredictability of nature.

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