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Tiny 2-pound Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She’s a Puppy – Too Cute!

Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She's a Puppy

In a world where the lines between the wild and domestic blur, a unique bond forms between an unlikely pair. A tiny wild boar, weighing just two pounds, and a gentle dog come together in a heartwarming tale of friendship and family. Welcome to – Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She’s a Puppy.

An Unexpected Arrival

Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She's a Puppy

One fine morning, a gardener arrived with a surprise in a box. The contents? A minuscule wild boar, no bigger than an iPhone, just a couple of hours old. The immediate assumption was that she had been abandoned. In Sri Lanka, where this story unfolds, there need to be wildlife rescues equipped to care for wild boars. The little creature seemed destined for a challenging life, but fate had other plans.

A Canine Companion

Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She's a Puppy
Baby wild boar. Image via

Enter Buby, a dog with a heart of gold. The tiny boar flung herself into his welcoming mouth from the moment they met, initiating a playful bond. Buby’s gentle nature and nurturing instincts kicked in, and he took on the role of a guardian, mentor, and, most importantly, friend. The bond was instantaneous. The tiny boar, missing her mother, found solace in Buby’s presence. He became her world.

Learning the Ropes

Buby was instrumental in the boar’s growth and development. He introduced her to solid foods, always letting her eat first from his bowl. He watched over her during her pool adventures and taught her the playful ways of dogs. Their bond was so strong that they were inseparable. Where one went, the other followed. Their antics were a sight to behold, from Buby using the boar as a pillow when she was tiny to roles reversing as she grew.

Growing Up Together

Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She's a Puppy
Wild boar on the forest in springtime. Image via Depositphotoes Image via Depositphotos

Time flew, and the once two-pound wild boar grew into a robust 62-pound beauty. Named Yeju, she became a permanent member of the family. However, understanding her wild instincts, the family built her a “boar condo” outside, allowing her a taste of freedom while ensuring her safety. Wild boars are often viewed as pests in Sri Lanka and can be hunted throughout the year. Releasing Yeju into the wild would have been a risk they weren’t willing to take.

Watch the Video

YouTube video
“2-pound wild boar grows up believing she’s a puppy” via Youtube by The Dodo

A Bond That Transcends Species

Yeju’s teenage phase brought its own set of challenges, but her bond with Buby remained unshaken. She continued to look up to him, seeking comfort in his presence. They became each other’s family, always looking out for one another. Their story shows that love and care can bridge any gap, even between the wild and the domestic.

In Conclusion

Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She's a Puppy

Yeju and Buby’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the unexpected friendships that can form when given a chance. It’s about finding family in the unlikeliest of places and the incredible bonds that can develop when two souls connect. Their journey together, filled with playful moments, challenges, and unwavering support, is a testament to the power of love and the magic it brings into our lives.

So, the next time you encounter an unlikely duo, remember the tale of Yeju and Buby. It’s a story that teaches us that love knows no bounds and true friendships can form in the most unexpected places.

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Monday 11th of September 2023

When I worked on a family farm boar's were male and sows or gilts were female. Seems to be a bad write up.

S Paul

Thursday 7th of September 2023

Surely the word “Boar” indicates a male of the species? It’s a a wild PIG

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