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Witness These Adorable Alligator Babies Suntanning on Their Mother’s Back

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We forget that it’s not only us humans that love suntannig, in fact, for reptiles it’s necessary for their bodies to function! That being said, these adorable alligator babies look like they’re truly living the good life while suntanning on their mother’s back.

The prehistoric appearance, combined with their stealthy nature, is probably the reason these reptiles aren’t usually associated with the word “cute.” This alligator family outing is about to change that though!

Family Quality Time in the Sun

alligator babies suntanning

This video showcases a group of baby alligators taking a break from their usual swimming activities by enjoying some suntannig. They are seen comfortably resting on their mother’s back, enjoying the warmth of the sun. What could be better?

All members of the family truly seem to be at peace, and the calm waters of Louisiana only add to the serenity.

Watch the video here!

Why Do Alligators Suntan?

Alligators are ectothermic, meaning they rely on external sources to regulate their body temperature. Sunbathing, or basking, is essential for them to raise their body temperature.

By absorbing the sun’s warmth, they can digest food more efficiently, stay active, and maintain overall health. Additionally, basking helps in warding off parasites and provides them with the necessary vitamin D.

How Long Do Alligator Babies Stay With Their Mothers?

Baby alligators typically stay with their mothers for about one to two years. During this period, the mother protects them from potential predators, ensuring their survival. And, of course, lets them suntan on her back!

Alligator mothers are known for their protective nature. After laying eggs, the mother guards the nest fiercely, ensuring the safety of her offspring. Once the babies hatch, they emit a high-pitched sound, signaling the mother to transport them to the water.

5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Alligator Babies

baby alligator
  • Communication Skills: Even before hatching, baby alligators can communicate with their mother and siblings by emitting sounds from inside the egg.
  • Natural Swimmers: Immediately after birth, these babies are adept swimmers and can catch small prey.
  • Size Matters: At birth, baby alligators are approximately 6 to 8 inches long.
  • Survival Instinct: Despite the mother’s protection, only a few out of the dozens of hatchlings survive to adulthood due to natural predators.
  • Teeth Galore: Baby alligators are born with tiny teeth, enabling them to feed on insects, amphibians, and small fish.

Are Baby Alligators Dangerous?

While baby alligators might look cute and harmless, it’s essential to approach them with caution. They have sharp teeth and a strong bite, even at a young age.

Moreover, the presence of baby alligators usually indicates that the protective mother is nearby. It’s always advisable to maintain a safe distance and avoid any direct interaction with these wild creatures.

Closing Thoughts

The video of baby alligators sunbathing on their mother’s back is a gentle reminder of the wonders of nature. It provides a glimpse into the world of these magnificent creatures and their intricate behaviors. But above all, that nothing beats a good session of suntanning!

While alligators might often be perceived as menacing, such moments highlight their nurturing side.

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