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Texas Woman Attacked By Hawk and Snake Simultaneously

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A snake and a hawk attacked a woman in Texas – at the same time.

woman attacked by snake and hawk at the same time
©Peggy Jones

As this incident shows, anything really can happen in the Wild West.

This recent incident involving a simultaneous attack by a hawk and a snake on a local woman stands out as a stark reminder of the state’s untamed spirit. Texas, with its potent predators and diverse ecosystems, has always been a land where the unexpected is just around the corner.

Join us as we outline all the details of the woman’s attack by both a snake and a hawk at the same time. But first, we’ll delve into the respective strengths of weaknesses.

Key Points

  • Texas woman, Peggy Jones, simultaneously attacked by a hawk and snake while mowing her lawn.
  • Hawks use keen eyesight and swift dives for hunting; snakes employ camouflage and defensive postures.
  • Incident possibly linked to urbanization and climate change disrupting animal behaviors and habitats.
  • In case of hawk attacks: stay calm, protect head, avoid direct eye contact, and report the incident.

Hawk Vs. Snake


The Texas woman gets stuck in the crossfire between these two predators. Let’s take a look at their tactics:

Hunting Techniques Employed by the Hawk

Hawks are apex predators in the avian world, known for their exceptional hunting skills. Their keen eyesight, often considered the best in the animal kingdom, allows them to spot potential prey from great heights.

Typically, a hawk will perch silently on a high vantage point, scanning its surroundings. Once a target is identified, the hawk launches into a swift and precise dive, reaching speeds of over 150 mph. This rapid descent often catches the prey off guard, giving it little time to react. Hawks employ sharp talons to grasp their prey, delivering a fatal grip.

Their beaks, equally sharp, are used to finish off the catch. The element of surprise, combined with their aerial agility and physical attributes, makes hawks formidable hunters.

Snake’s Defensive Mechanisms

Snakes, while often predators themselves, have developed a range of defensive mechanisms to deter potential threats.

One of the most common tactics is the snake’s ability to camouflage. Their scales often mimic the patterns and colors of their natural habitats, allowing them to blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

When confronted, they may coil their bodies, raise their heads, and hiss loudly to appear larger and more intimidating. Some species are equipped with venom, a potent weapon against both predators and prey.

Additionally, certain snakes employ a “mock death” tactic, where they roll onto their backs and emit a foul-smelling fluid, tricking predators into believing they are dead. Lastly, the rapid, erratic movement or the act of slithering away swiftly allows many snakes to escape from potential danger, ensuring their survival.

However, sometimes animals actually look out for humans – as seen in this case.

Woman Attacked By Hawk and Snake: The Attack

woman attacked by hawk and snake
©KPRC 2 Click2Houston (YouTube)

In a bizarre incident in Texas, Peggy Jones, a 64-year-old woman, faced a simultaneous attack by both a hawk and a snake.

While mowing her backyard, a snake unexpectedly fell from the sky, landing on her. Before she could react, the snake wrapped itself around her arm, striking her face multiple times – luckily her glasses provided her with some protection.

The situation intensified when a hawk, presumably the one that had dropped the snake, swooped down, attempting to retrieve its prey. The hawk’s talons dug deep into Jones’ flesh, causing significant injuries.

This one-in-a-million ordeal left Jones with cuts, bruises, and puncture wounds. The traumatic event concluded with the hawk eventually grabbing its meal, and flying away with the snake.

Jones’ husband, who’d been at the front of the house, couldn’t believe his eyes when his wife turned the corner completely covered in blood, barely speakable. He rushed her to the hospital where she had her wounds attended to and given antibiotics as it was uncertain whether the snake was venomous or not.

While she is physically healing, the psychological impact of the event lingers. It continues to cause her distress and sleepless nights.

Despite living in rural Texas and being familiar with wildlife, this unique encounter was something Jones could never have anticipated.

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Is the Attack the Aftermath of Urbanization and Climate Change?

Tiger Snake
Tiger Snake

The recent hawk and snake incident in Texas may be indicative of broader environmental shifts caused by urbanization and climate change.

As urban areas expand, natural habitats for many species, including hawks and snakes, are fragmented or lost entirely. This forces these creatures into closer proximity to human settlements in search of food and shelter.

Additionally, climate change can disrupt traditional hunting patterns. For instance, rising temperatures might alter the behavior or abundance of prey, compelling predators like hawks to hunt in unfamiliar territories or during unusual times. As a result, the hawk might have captured the snake in a disturbed or unfamiliar environment, leading to the unexpected drop over a populated area.

The Hawk Attack In Rango

YouTube video

Although there’s no snake involved in the scene, the attack on the Texas woman immediately made us think of Rango’s intense struggle against a hawk – which also takes place in Texas.

Rango continously tries to evade the hawk’s predatory advances, showcasing the dangers of the wild west environment he’s inadvertently entered. The hawk gets to display its impressive and primary weapons – it’s powerful talons, sharp beak, and ability to fly.

What To Do In the Case of a Hawk-Attack

  • Stay Calm: Panicking can exacerbate the situation. Try to remain as calm as possible.
  • Protect Your Head and Face: Use your arms or any available object (like a hat or jacket) to shield your head and eyes.
  • Avoid Direct Eye Contact: Birds of prey can interpret direct eye contact as a challenge or threat.
  • Stand Tall: Make yourself appear larger by standing tall and raising your arms. This might deter the bird.
  • Do Not Swing or Hit: Avoid the instinct to swing at the bird. This can make it more aggressive.
  • Avoid Running: Running can trigger a chase instinct in many predators.
  • Report the Incident: Once safe, report the attack to local wildlife authorities or animal control. They might provide guidance or take measures to prevent future incidents.

Woman Attacked By Hawk and Snake: Conclusion

The unexpected encounter between Peggy Jones, a hawk, and a snake in Texas serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable dance between humans and nature.

As urbanization encroaches upon natural habitats and climate change disrupts traditional animal behaviors, such rare and startling interactions may become more frequent. Of course, there’s also a good measure of pure bad luck as well.

As we continue to navigate our shared space with wildlife, mutual respect and understanding become paramount in ensuring the safety and harmony of all inhabitants of our planet.

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