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Woman Airlifted to Hospital After Suffering an Otter Attack

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Following an attack by a inconspicuous otter, three friends’ getaway took at a drastic turn when a woman had to be airlifted to a hospital.

woman survives otter attack

Otter are notoriously known for being adorable. In recent years they’ve taken the internet (and or hearts) by storm. But, there’s another side to these big-eyed and long-tailed creatures.

Surprisingly, they have an aggressive streak.

This incident where a woman suffers a violent otter attack teaches us that we shouldn’t mistake cuteness for weakness. Let’s dig deeper.

Key Points

  • A woman and her friends were attacked by an otter during a Jefferson River outing.
  • Royce sustained severe injuries requiring hospitalization.
  • Otters possess strong bite force – up to 80 psi!

Are Otters Aggressive Animals?

Otters, though often perceived as playful creatures, can exhibit aggressive behavior – as seen from the woman’s injuries resulting from the otter attack.

Like many wild animals, otters may also become aggressive when cornered or surprised.

Primarily, they are territorial animals and can become defensive if they feel their territory is threatened – especially if food is scarce. Additionally, mother otters are fiercely protective of their young and can attack if they sense any danger to their offspring.

Furthermore, during mating seasons, male otters can become more aggressive as they compete for mates.

Woman Suffers Otter Attack: The Altercation

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Three friends, including Jen Royce, were initially having a great time floating on inner tubes down the Jefferson River.

Things went downhill when they suddenly noticed some otters nearby. Without any warning, an otter launched a sudden and vicious attack; Royce barely had time to warn her friend before the otter lunged at her.

According to Royce the attack was “vicious and relentless.” The otter bit her multiple times, targeting her face, arms, ears, hands, legs, and ankles. Its relentless assault left all three women with injuries, some more severe than others.

A Fight for Survival

Despite the shock and pain following the otter attack, the women’s survival instincts kicked in. They managed to reach the shore, and the otter eventually swam away.

In a Facebook post, Royce admits, “I did not think I was going to make it out of that river.”

With only one phone among them, they activated the SOS mode to call 911. However, their remote location on the river made it challenging for rescue teams to locate them. One of the friends had to run over 2 miles to meet with emergency personnel.

The Aftermath

Royce was airlifted to a local hospital, where she underwent surgery for her injuries, especially on her face and ears. Her two friends were treated at the scene and later taken to the hospital for further evaluation. All three friends received multiple doses of the rabies vaccine as a precaution.

Do Otters Have a Strong Bite?

Yes, otters possess a strong bite.

Their jaws are equipped with sharp, robust teeth designed for catching and consuming a variety of prey, including fish, crustaceans, and small aquatic animals.

They have a bite force as strong as 80 pounds per square inch!

The Predatory Prowess of Otters

woman survives otter attack
Predatory MechanismDescription
Strong jawsOtters have powerful jaws that allow them to catch and grip their prey effectively.
Sharp teethTheir teeth, especially the canines, are sharp and robust, suitable for piercing and holding.
Agile SwimmersOtters are excellent swimmers, enabling them to chase and catch aquatic prey with ease.
Webbed feetWebbing between their toes provides added propulsion in water, making them efficient hunters.
Camouflaged furTheir fur coloration blends with aquatic environments, allowing them to approach prey stealthily.
Dexterous pawsOtters use their nimble paws to handle, manipulate, and consume prey, especially crustaceans.

Woman Survives Otter Attack: Wrapping Up

While otters are often celebrated for their playful nature and charming antics, it’s crucial to recognize and respect their wild instincts. Their territorial behavior, combined with their strong bite and predatory prowess, can make them formidable when threatened.

As with any wild animal, it’s essential to approach with caution, maintain a safe distance, and be aware of one’s surroundings.

Above all, we can conclude that being cute doesn’t mean you’re not dangerous.

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