Green Iguana Bites

Green iguanas are large lizards, reaching up to 6 feet in length and weighing around 20 pounds



They have a vivid green color to blend in with their environment. They use their long tail for balance and communication


Green iguanas are peaceful animals that enjoy sunbathing and eating leafy greens. They can become defensive when threatened or provoked.

Reasons for Biting

Green iguanas bite when they feel frightened, provoked, or confined. Breeding season (May to October) can make males more aggressive.

Biting Mechanism

Green iguanas have strong, serrated teeth that can easily sever skin. Their bites are not venomous but can be painful and cause infection.

Symptoms of a Bite

Iguana bites can cause immediate pain, bleeding, and swelling. Deep wounds, lacerations, and abrasions may occur.

Risks of an Iguana Bite

Iguana bites can introduce bacteria, leading to infections

First Aid

Clean the wound with soap and warm water, elevate the area, apply pressure if bleeding, and use ice to reduce swelling. Seek medical help for severe bites or signs of infection

Preventing Iguana Bites

Avoid provoking iguanas, give them space, understand their behavior and body language

Effective Handling Methods

MethodsSupport their entire body, avoid holding by the tail, and refrain from squeezing

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