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Far Far away, behind the mountains of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Virunga Mountains in the heart of Uganda, the idea for Animals Around The Globe came to life. A place, where you can get inspired about the most spectacular animal experiences around the globe. Our founders had the vision to share their animal encounters and create a community of animal enthusiasts and nature lovers. Have a look at our free newsletter and blog, where we tell you everything about the globe’s most fascinating animal experiences and where to find them! Welcome to Animals Around The Globe!

“I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message.” Steve Irwin


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Our bloggers travelled over 52 countries and 5 continents in the world. From diving with Great White Sharks off the coasts of South Australia and Africa, seeing Gorillas in the Virunga Mountains in Uganda or hiking with Grizzly Bears in the Mountains of Banff National Park in Canada. There is one thing that unites us: our love for animals and the nature. Animals Around The Globe always strive for delivering you with the highest quality content and real world experiences. Have a look into our Animal Blog. We love to share our passion for animals and trying to remember the world that humans are not the only species on this beautiful planet. Read the story behind Animals Around The Globe here.


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Lion Walk

Lion Walk: Everything you need to know

Are you looking for a lion walk? Walking with lions definitely belongs to one of the craziest encounters you can imagine. But what exactly is it all about and can your really walk next to a Lion in the wild? We collected everything you need to know about walking with Lions! Everyone knows the famous...
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Mountain Gorilla Trekking

All about Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Have you ever wondered what it is like to stand next to a fully grown silverback gorilla with a weight of nearly 200 kg? Seeing these gentle giants in their natural habitat is one thing no one should miss. We collected everything you need to know about mountain gorilla trekking and safaris.To put it in...
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Blue Shark Diving

Where to Dive with Blue Sharks

Have you ever wondered how it is to dive with one of the most curious, yet gentle sharks in the world? A mesmerizing adventure is waiting for you. We collected where to dive with blue sharks. We have done all the research for you, to help you discovering blue sharks in their natural habitat.  In this...
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Africa Safari

Top 10 Safari Parks in Africa

Can’t decide where do you want to start your next (or first) safari in africa? We collected the top 10 safari parks in africa places to see wild african animals in their natural habitat. A safari (Swahili: journey) in one of Africa’s national parks is an exciting thing: many people can observe a larger number...
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Jaguar Hunting on a Tree

Spot Leopards in Africa: Where to See Leopards in the Wild

Africa, home of the largest living animals and the most vicious predators is of course home of the mighty Leopard. Follow us on a tour through the continent where humans can see and spot Leopards – Africa! Leopards, the crown jewels of a safari  The lion might be the king, but the beautiful, shy and...
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Whale Shark

Diving With Whale Sharks: The Best Places to Dive or Swim With Whale Sharks

“If you ever have a chance to swim with whale sharks, you will never forget this magical experience. You will become an ambassador for the protection of these majestic animals for the rest of your life.” – Volker Bassen Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the world – gentle giants of great beauty. It...
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Iberian Lynx

Best Places to See Lynx

Can’t wait to see the iconic Iberian Lynx? We selected the Best Places to See Lynx and view Lynx. A nomadic, nocturnal and solitary animal: it is only socialised during the rutting season, in the first months of the year. Litters are usually between 2 and 4 puppies. Although in winter they have activity during...
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See Elephants: Where to Observe Wild Elephants

Do you want to see Elephants? Fascinated by the beauty, yet the power of the largest land mammal in the world? Ever wondered what it could be like to be up close and personal with an elephant so large, yet so thoughtful? A true adventure surely awaits you. They say an elephant never forgets. What...
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The Great White Shark

Great White Shark Diving: Where you need to go

Have you ever wondered how it is to dive with one of the most popular sharks in the world? We collected where you need to go and what to expect from Great White Shark Diving.  A breathtaking adventure is waiting for your, while you just need to decide where to go.  In this article, you...
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Where to See Giraffes

Do you want to see giraffes in their natural habitat? Are you fascinated by their grace as they roam carelessly throughout the plains of Africa? Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to spot a giraffe herd somewhere in the wild?  We have done the research for you. Where are the best places...
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Wildebeest groups

Wildebeest Migration: The Complete Guide

Would you like to see one of the fascinating natural phenomena of our time? Then follow the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti with this complete guide. A unique spectacle. An African legend says that God assembled the wildebeest from leftover parts. That sounds harsh. Of course, they are not the beautiest of all animals of...
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Bull Shark with Divers

The Best Places to Dive With Bull Sharks

Do you want to look for the best places to dive with bull sharks? Bull Sharks are said to be one of the most dangerous sharks for men around the globe.  Out of the 400 or so species of sharks there are only a handful which are commonly made responsible for most shark attacks on...
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Diving with Tiger Sharks: Best Places to Dive with Tiger Sharks

Diving with tiger sharks is one of the most exciting animal encounter we know of. Unlike tigers on land, tiger sharks generally do not see us as prey. Imagine submerging into the blue, knowing that soon you will encounter one of the most efficient predators on this planet. A predator you are going to meet...
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Would you DIVE 🔵🟣 with TIGER 🐯🦈 sharks?! 🤪 - - What an INCREDIBLE 🩸 #underwaterexperience captured 📸 by @jferraragallery w/ @bobcatlisa at #tigerbeach 🏝 - - It's the Bahamas, 🏖, that has earned a special place 🗺in the #sharklovers heart. 💙 - Known for their beautiful stripes 〽️and broad, flat heads, #tigersharks 💥 are the second most-dangerous #sharkeys in the ocean, with great whites coming in at No. 1. 🌎 👀 - Do you love #underwateranimals ? ✨ FOLLOW @animalsaroundtheglobe_official for more 🌍💙 - #animalsaroundtheglobe
OUR FRIENDS the lemurs 🐒 visiting our other friends 👫@vet_travel_wildlife on a #canoetrip 🛶in #madagascar🇲🇬 Lemurs used to be as big as GORILLAS 🦍! 😯 #savethelemurs Lemurs 🐒 share resemblance with other primates, but evolved #independently from monkeys and apes. Due to Madagascar's 🌴 highly seasonal climate 🥵 , lemur evolution has produced a level of species diversity rivaling that of any other #primates 🐵 . Until shortly after humans 👨 arrived on the island around 2,000 years ago 🌠, there were lemurs as large as a male gorilla 🦍 . Most species have been discovered or promoted to full species status since the 1990s. #lemursofinstagram #lemure #ringtailedlemur are probably the most well-known of all the different types of lemur because King 👑 Julien from the #madagascarmovie is one. Ring tailed lemurs spend more than a third of their time on the ground 🍂 , more than any other lemur species. They are #sunbather ☀️ in the mornings to warm themselves up. You will see 👀 them sitting with their arms outstretched, like they are sun-worshipping 🌞 . They live for up to 15 years #inthewilderness 🌳 #animalencounter #everydaymadagascar #animalsaroundtheglobe #animalsaroundtheworld
How AWESOME 💛 is THIS? 🦧🌿#animalfriendship A orangutan 🦧offering a helping hand to a man, 👨🏻who is struggling to walk through snake-infested water🐍, has won millions of hearts. 🧡#saveorangutan The adorable moment ✨ was captured at Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) in Indonesia. 🌏#orangutanfreedom The picture was clicked photographer @anil_t_prabhakar 📸 , who was in the area to take a #animalsafari 🌱with his friends. #animalfriend He posted it on Instagram ⚠️, “Let me help you?: Once Humanity dying in Mankind, sometime animals are guiding us back to our basics.” ‼️✅ #animalencounter THANK YOU ANIL - for showing the connection between animals and humans 💚💛🧡 #animalsaroundtheglobe #animalsaroundtheworld
Let’s CELEBRATE 🥳 the LOVE 💚for animals 🐾 and nature 🌱 with this cute #koala🐨 Do you know @jungle_doctor ? 🇳🇿 She is one great example🟣 of the great work and dedication💪 people put in during the #australianbushfires 🔥 Chloe is a 29-year-old Australian veterinarian 👩‍🔬 who is passionate about species conservation 🍃and wildlife medicine. 🐝 #koalabears She is fortunate to have lived ⚡️and worked in some of the worlds’ most remote and exotic locations 🕸🌎. #koalasofinstagram From spending a year on Australia’s magical Lord Howe Island, 🏝to working with endangered puffins in a remote corner of Iceland, 🏔living and working with the Masai communities of Northern Tanzania, ⛺️and treating critically endangered orangutans in the jungles of central Borneo.🌿🦧 #koalalove WE SAY THANK YOU CHLOE! 👏👏 #animalsaroundtheglobe