10 Longest Biking Trails In The United States

The Great Divide Bike Trail


The trail was first developed by the Adventure Cyclists Association in 1997. It stretches over an area of 2808 miles. Moreover, the trail is divided into five regions depending on their natural diversity.

The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route

The underground railroad biking route is another beautiful conversion of rail lines into biking trails. It is 2000 miles from Mobile, Alabama, to Owen Sound, Ontario. Developed by the Adventure Cycling Association in 2007, it is another well-kept and well-maintained biking trail in America.



If we say that the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route is one of the world’s most serene-filled and beautiful biking trails, it won’t be wrong. The route is also known as PCBR. It starts from the US/Canadian border and stretches to the US/Mexico border in San Diego. With these parameters, the route is stretched to almost 1800 miles.

Pacific Coast Bicycle Route

East Coast Greenway


Another longest biking trail in the United States is the East Coast Greenway, which connects around 15 different States of America and 450 cities. It is approximately 3000 miles long, mainly covering the land from Maine to Florida.

OC&E Woods Line State Trail

This 109 miles-long trail along the Sprague River goes through the valley. It was initially a railroad which was later turned into a rail trail. The trail is now Oregon’s longest linear park trail, ideal for bikers who like to ride for recreation.



Like Katy Trail, Palouse to Cascades States Park Trail, Washington, is another longest rail-trail conversions in America. The trail itself is 280 miles long. The beauty of this historic biking trail is that it offers countless scenic views, and the serenity of the place is another added benefit.

Palouse to Cascades States Park Trail

Katy Trail State Park


The top on our list of longest biking trails is the Katy Trail State Park in Missouri. The Katy Trail is one of the oldest biking trails with great historical significance. The trail is almost 240 miles long and is located in Missouri.

Cowboy Trail

The longest biking trail is the Cowboy Trail. It was earlier a rail line that was first developed in the late 1800s. Later on, in 1996, it was converted into a biking trail with the efforts of the Rail-to-trail Conservancy.



But where? The Lewis & Clark Bike Trail is the answer to this question. It is a trail created to celebrate the historical journey of the Corps of Discovery’s 1804-1806. The trail is considered one of North America’s longest biking routes, stretching to 3252 miles.

Lewis & Clark Bike Trail


The great TransAmerica bike trail is the king of all biking trails. It’s longer than any other trail and more beautiful than your expectations. It is also one of the oldest biking trails developed by the Adventure Cycling Association in 1976. The trail is the best and longest biking trail in the United States, measuring approximately 4200 miles long.

TransAmerica Bike Trail


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