By Josie  June 23rd, 2023

10 (Party) Animals That

Enjoy Drugs

Just like humans, animals seem to seek altered states of consciousness, and they’ve found some pretty creative ways to achieve them.

Here's 10 animals that enjoy drugs:

Nepetalactone, the active ingredient in catnip, triggers a euphoric response in cats, causing behaviors like rolling, flipping, rubbing, and purring.

#1 Cats and Catnip

Bighorn sheep in North American search out lichens - these contain narcotic compounds that can induce a state of intoxication,

#2 Bighorn Sheep and Lichen

Wallabies consume opium poppies; under the influence they hop around in disoriented patterns, which have come to be referred to as “crop circles.”

#3 Wallabies and Opium

#4 Vervet Monkeys and Alcohol

Vervet Monkeys, native to East Africa, have developed a taste for alcohol by consuming fermented fruits.

#5 Elephants and Marula

Elephants love fermented marula fruit.  They stagger or may also become more vocal and display increased aggression or playfulness when eating these fruits.

Reindeer have a fondness for Amanita muscaria, a hallucinogenic mushroom - it contains ibotenic acid, which induces a euphoric state in reindeer.

#6 Reindeer and Mushroom

Jaguars consume parts of the ayahuasca vine which contains several psychoactive compounds, including DMT, which can induce hallucinogenic effects.

#7 Jaguars and Ayahuasca

#8 Cows and Locoweed

Locoweed contains swainsonine, a toxin that can cause erratic behavior and other symptoms in cows.

They provoke millipedes to release their defensive toxins, which the lemurs then rub on their fur. These toxins contain alkaloids and cause them to enter a state of apparent euphoria.

#9 Lemurs and Millipedes

Pufferfish release a potent neurotoxin when threatened which, in small doses, induces a trance-like state in dolphins, leading to playful and unusual behavior.

#10 Dolphins and Pufferfish

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