16 Most Endangered Animals at the North Pole

This article highlights the 17 most endangered animals at the North Pole which are severely affected by the Arctic crisis.


Ptarmigan is a beautiful bird that is considered a close relative of the prairie grouse. It belongs to a special family of grouse birds group that mainly consists of three different species.

Polar Bears

The polar bear, scientifically known as Ursus maritimus, is a type of hypercarnivorous bear – which for many is synonymous with the North Pole. Such types of bears are more commonly present in the Arctic Circle.

Beluga Whale

Belugas whales, aka white whales, are one of the popular whales living on the northeast side of the arctic ocean. The distinctive feature of beluga whales is their bright white color.


Similar to polar bears, walruses are fully dependent on ice packs for their survival. Walruses are especially in need of ice packs for the survival of their calves.

Musk Ox

Specifically, it is native to the Arctic. The musk oxen are known to have shaggy-haired fur all over their body. For thousands of years they have inhabited the arctic region.

Snowy Owl

Another North Pole-dwelling species nearing extinction is the snowy owl. Male snowy owls are entirely white. Females' dark brown flecks on white skin draw notice.

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