By Josie  December 6th, 2023

300 Deer Killed Simultaneously by Lightning

In a striking reminder of nature’s power, over 300 reindeer were killed in a lightning strike in Norway.

When faced with Mother Nature’s extreme and unpredictable power, we are truly powerless.

They are complex social structures, and can include thousands of reindeer, which migrate over vast distances to find food and breeding grounds.

Reindeer Herds

They are known for their incredible ability to withstand harsh Arctic conditions, relying on each other for warmth and protection.

Sadly, the herd’s cohesion also makes them more susceptible to mass casualties – as seen in this tragic case.

The incident occurred in Hardangervidda National Park, which spans about 5,000 square miles, this park is home to 10,000 to 11,000 wild reindeer.

Where It Happened 

In this catastrophic event, more than 300 reindeer, including 70 calves, were killed by a single lightning strike.

The Tragic Event

The reindeer were likely huddled together during a severe thunderstorm, a common behavior for protection, which unfortunately led to the high number of casualties.

Experts state that the reindeer were likely killed by a ground current, the most lethal aspect of a lightning strike.

How They Got Shocked

Being in close proximity and with their legs spread out, the reindeer were particularly vulnerable, as the current travels more easily through their bodies.

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