7-Year-Old Encounters Massive Bear

Imagine a sunny day in a peaceful neighborhood, a 7-year-old gleefully riding a scooter

when, suddenly, a massive black bear decides to join the adventure

Ursus americanus

Scientific name

The North American Black Bear is a massive mammal.

Throughout Pacific Northwest's forests and mountains


Sounds like a scene from a thrilling movie, right? But this remarkable encounter is no fiction

18 years


it’s a true story that unfolded in Port Cilum

Omnivorous, will eat just about anything they get their paws on


In a heart-pounding surveillance video, we witness a curious bear  approaching the child, only to be thwarted by a courageous bystander.

Just as the situation gets nerve-wracking, a Good Samaritan rounds the  corner, waving their arms and yelling, causing the bear to make a hasty  retreat.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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