By Josie  February 21st, 2023

8 Surprising Facts About 

Cockroach  Babies

Baby cockroaches are called Nymphs.

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Cockroaches are the most non-picky eaters that you will find around your house.

Fact #1 

Most Cockroaches Do Not Cause Any Trouble.

Science has so far discovered around four thousand cockroach species, out of which only thirty fall under the category of pests.

Baby Cockroaches Can Stay Alive Without a Head.

Fact #2 

Nymphs do not require their heads to stay alive and have the potential to survive up to one month without consuming any food and one week without water.

Cockroaches Have Personalities.

Fact #3

A study found that American cockroaches are more likely to explore new places and be bolder than other species that tend to be shyer.

 Cockroaches Are Social Insects and Accept Democracy.

Fact #4 

Cockroaches are said to be social insects, but don’t live in colonies under the rule of a queen.

Instead, they often form more democratic clusters.

Cockroaches Go Through Ecdysis.

Fact #5 

Ecdysis is the process of shedding old skin. With each gradual molt, the nymph darkens and changes its color.

Fact #6 

The Fast Reflexes of Cockroaches Have Inspired Robots.

Scientists created a robot with the same capability as a cockroach to squeeze and pass through small spaces since this quality is excellent for specific rescue missions.

Some Baby Cockroaches Are Endangered.

Fact #7 

Researchers have classified The Lord Howe wood-feeding cockroach as an endangered species in Australia.

Cockroaches Can Reproduce Without Males.

Most female cockroaches can produce fertile offspring without a male cockroach for years.

Fact #8

This phenomenon called Parthenogenesis is a standard mode of reproduction in a few cockroach species.

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They are hard-core insects and have dominated the earth for thousands of years.