By Josie  October 11th, 2023

A Hairy and Venomous Vacuum Resident

We all know that we find all sorts of odd objects in our vacuum cleaners that have been hiding under the couch.

But you’ve probably never found a hairy and venomous resident like this one...

Funnel web spiders are native to Australia and are known for their potent venom.

The Funnel Web Spider

Encounters with these arachnids can be dangerous, given their aggressive nature.

Spiders, including the dangerous ones, often seek refuge in dark, secluded areas.

Common Hiding Places

Cracks, crevices, corners of windows, and spaces behind furniture are common hiding spots.

The video narrates a harrowing experience that occurred during a seemingly mundane task – vacuuming a room.

A Hairy & Venomous Resident

Behind a cushion on the floor, this woman vacuumed up a funnel web spider.

The Footage

The discovery of such a deadly creature lurking in the confines of a bedroom is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

It is crucial to stay calm and avoid direct contact with the spider.

If You Find a Venomous Spider 

Keep a safe distance and try to isolate the spider in a specific area if possible.

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