By Josie  March 28th, 2023

A list of

Florida Spiders

In Florida alone, a list of almost 200 different species of spiders have been recorded.

Let's take a look:

We've listed eight of them that we deem the most intriguing. 

You can recognize Orb Weavers by their large webs that can often stretch between trees or sprawled across porches and walkways.

They come in various colors, including yellow, brown, orange, green, and black.

1. Orb Weavers 

Jumping Spiders are notable for their ability to jump several times their size when hunting for prey.

2. Jumping Spiders

These spiders have four large eyes on their front face and two smaller ones at the top of their head.

They get their name from their wolf-like behavior; they actively hunt down prey rather than wait for it to get caught in a web, as many other types of spiders do.

3. Wolf Spiders

Crab spiders are usually crawl around flowers or other plants where they can ambush their prey.

They also enjoy feeding on nectar and pollen.

4. Crab Spiders

These spiders reach up to 1.5 inches in length when fully grown; this makes them among one of the largest spiders native to Florida.

5. Golden Silk Spider

They reside near water sources such as ponds and streams to catch aquatic prey.

These constructions can span several yards when complete, with intricate webs that look like zigzags within them.

These spiders create intricate webs of strong silk.

6. Black and Yellow Argiope Spiders

Their green bodies allows it blend into the foliage where it normally resides while patiently waiting for prey to come close enough.

7. Green Lynx Spider

Tarantulas have hairy bodies ranging from 3–7 inches long and mostly live solitary lives unless it’s mating season.

8. Tarantula

Let's take a look at how these spiders benefit their environment in Florida:

1. Insect Control

They help to keep the number of potentially harmful insects down, reducing the potential for crop damage or the spreading of diseases associated with these pests.

Another benefit of having spiders is that some species produce a type of silk known as “gossamer.”

Gossamer can be used for various purposes like nest building or web-spinning.

2. Producing Silk 

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Although they give many of us the creeps, these creatures deserve our love and respect.

Keep exploring the world of spiders!

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