By Alana Theron

Panda Throws a Tantrum 

Panda Throws a Tantrum 

By Alana Theron

Pandas belong to the bear family, but unlike their carnivorous cousins, they’re primarily herbivores.

Bamboo constitutes nearly 99% of their diet, with the remaining 1% being occasional small animals or fish.

Their digestive system is adapted for bamboo consumption, but it’s inefficient, so they need to eat a lot of it to get the necessary nutrients.

An adult panda can consume up to 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of bamboo daily!

Pandas’ striking black and white coat is a natural marvel. Scientists believe the black patches around their eyes and ears may serve as communication signals within their species.

They’re also known for their distinctive thumb-like extra digit, a modified wrist bone, which helps them grip bamboo more effectively.

This adaptation is crucial for their survival in the wild.

Pandas are found mainly in the mountainous regions of central and western China, where they inhabit dense bamboo forests.

In a delightful video that went viral on Reddit, we witness a panda sitting on a chair and then experiencing a moment of comedic misfortune.

As the panda reclines comfortably on the chair, it suddenly topples backward, taking the panda with it.

A charming tantrum follows as the panda grabs the chair and drags it away, a hilarious reminder of how pandas, despite their large size, can exhibit the playful and endearing qualities that have captured the world’s hearts.

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