Great White Shark Next To A Surfer In California

Great White Shark Next To A Surfer In California

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The Encounter

Surfers display remarkable calmness and stillness, a crucial aspect of avoiding shark attacks

the shark does not attempt to attack the surfer, indicating that sharks are not always the aggressive predators they are often portrayed to be

Swimmers and surfers should always be cautious and aware of their surroundings

Importance of sharks

Vital for the ocean ecosystem’s balance and health

They help regulate the food chain by keeping populations of other marine creatures in check, preventing overpopulation

They maintain the balance of ecosystems by controlling the distribution of seagrass and other plant life

Low record of attacks

In 2019, 64 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, with 41 occurring in the US. Of those attacks, only two were fatal

It's essential to keep these low statistics in perspective


Sharks don’t typically view humans as prey, and most attacks are cases of mistaken identity or curiosity

How to avoid sharks?

Avoid swimming during the early morning and late afternoon hours when sharks are most active

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