By Josie  August 15th, 2023

Adorable Costume Contest Prepares Llamas For Therapy

At the Indiana State Fair the audience was privy to a fluffy cuteness overload: a Llama Costume Contest.

From a box of crayons to a delightful Mario and Luigi pair, the outfits are a testament to the participants’ ingenuity.

The Contest 

There’s a deeper purpose behind this event: the contest plays a pivotal role in the animals’ training to become therapy animals.

In Preparation For Therapy

The excited audience and huge crowds of people function to adjust them to unfamiliar noises and unique situations.

Yes absolutely - their calm temperament ensures they resonate well with people, especially those in distress or need.

Do Llamas Really Make Good Therapy Animals?

Their novelty, combined with their large, empathetic eyes, makes them particularly appealing.

After all, who can resist their soft and fluffy nature?

They can sense when someone is excited and will lean in for a comforting hug, or remain still when they detect nervousness.

Emotional Intelligence of Llamas

Both Llamas and Alpacas featured at this adorable costume contest - however there are some key differences that distinguish them. 

Llama Vs. Alpaca

Llamas are notably larger, often weighing between 280 to 450 pounds, while alpacas usually weigh around 100 to 175 pounds.


Physically, llamas have elongated, curved ears resembling bananas, whereas alpacas possess shorter, spear-shaped ears.


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