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African bush elephant 

By liam Maart

The African bush elephant, also known as the savanna elephant, is the largest land animal on Earth. It is one of two living species of elephants, the other being the Asian elephant.

On average, these magnificent creatures can grow up to 10 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh over 7,500 kilograms. They are awe-inspiring, powerful creatures that have always fascinated humans with their massive size and physical attributes.

The African Bush Elephant is a herbivore that feeds on plant matter. These majestic creatures have a varied diet, with the ability to consume a wide range of vegetation. Their diet includes leaves, bark, grass, fruits, roots, and even tree branches.

Elephants are social animals with intricate communication that includes verbal and nonverbal cues such as low-frequency rumbles, body language, and inaudible sounds.

The African Bush Elephant boasts a fascinating family structure, living in a structured social network where they care for and protect one another.

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