By Josie  January 6th, 2024

Elk Finally Free After Being Stuck Inside Tire for Years

We’re polluting our earth at an alarming rate and oftentimes it’s innocent animals that pay the price.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending, after being stuck inside a tire for years this elk is finally freed from this tiresome burden!

An Unwanted Accessory

For over two years, it roamed the Colorado wilderness wearing an unwanted accessory around its neck – a tire.

Both locals and wildlife enthusiasts in the area became worried and were desperate to help.

But for the better part of two years, the elk would remain out of reach.

The Rescue Mission

After years of eluding capture, officers could finally tranquilize and approach the elk.

The team, led by Officer Scott Murdoch, faced a tough decision: to remove the tire, they had to saw off the animal’s antlers.

The operation was successful, and the elk, relieved of its tiresome burden, was released back into the wild.

Remarkably, despite years of enduring the tire, the elk showed no significant physical injuries from the ordeal.

This outcome is surprising yet welcome, typically prolonged entanglement leads to severe wounds or infections.

These majestic appendages are not just for show; they play a crucial role in the elk’s life, used for defense and asserting dominance.

Why Do Elk Regrow Their Antlers?

Interestingly, elk shed and regrow their antlers annually, a unique characteristic among mammals.

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