By Josie  July 14th, 2023

Mama-Bird Dies Trying To Save Her Chicks From Bull Snake 

We're reminded of the harshness of nature in a video where a mama-bird dies trying to save her chicks.

A mama-bird sees a snake slithering into her nest, in a desperate attempt to save her chicks she attacks the snake which falls to the ground.

What happened?

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Sadly, the snake pulls the mama-bird (a Norther Flicker) to the ground and coils around her, slowly suffocating her.

How Did It End?

The bull snake, like any predator, relies on a regular food source to survive and fulfill its role within the ecosystem.

The Harshness of Nature

Without successful hunts, the snake would face starvation, leading to a ripple effect throughout the food chain.

It is a large reptile with an average length of 4 to 6 feet, although some individuals can exceed 8 feet.

More About the Bull Snake

Bull snakes can be found across the central and western parts of North America, including prairies, grasslands, deserts, and open woodlands.

It boasts a brownish upper body with black bars and spots, accompanied by a pale yellow or buff underbelly.

More About the Northern Flicker

They may also engage in “anting,” a behavior where they rub ants on their feathers, possibly to deter parasites.

Some studies estimate that anywhere from 25% to 70% of baby birds may not survive to reach adulthood.

Fatality In Chicks

– Predation – Starvation – Nest failure – Weather-related factors

Reasons For Fatality in Chicks

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