Allosaurus vs T-Rex: A Showdown

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at two ferocious beasts. We'll examine these creatures side by side and figure out who would have won in a battle to the death! So, without further ado—let’s get right into it: an Allosaurus vs. T. rex death battle!

Allosaurus: Top Dog of the Jurassic Era

The Allosaurus was a genus of bipedal, carnivorous, tetrapod dinosaurs. Secondly, this genus of dinosaurs was native to regions of prehistoric Europe and North America.

When it comes to the physical features, the Allosaurus certainly wasn’t lacking. In addition to having short, razor-sharp, knife-looking teeth, the dinosaur possessed powerful hind limbs that were much stronger than the forelimbs.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: King of the Cretaceous Period

The T Rex lived between 83 and 66 million years ago late in the cretaceous era. This should give you the first major difference in this Allosaurus Vs T Rex Comparison – their eras.

In addition to being bipedal, the T Rex was a carnivorous dinosaur with short forelimbs containing two fingers each. Just like the Allosaurus, the T Rex was also native to North America.

Allosaurus Vs T Rex: How Are They Similar?

Firstly, the most obvious similarity between our two combatants is their origin. They’re both dinosaur genera belonging to the same order – Saurischia.

Secondly, the two dinosaurs have a three-pronged pelvis structure with the pubis pointed forward.  This, consequently, leads to their bipedal nature.

Allosaurus Vs T Rex: How Do They Differ

There are differences that set these creatures apart. To get a clear picture of these differences, we’ll be highlighting different categories, and in each category, we'll discuss just how they differ.


Firstly, the Allosaurus belongs to a family known as Allosauridae. Meanwhile, the T Rex comes from a family of dinosaurs called Tyrannosauridae.


There are 4 species of dinosaurs belonging to the genus Allosaurus. They are A. fragilis, A. europaeus mateus, A. amplus marsh, and A. lucasi. However, the only known species of the tyrannosaurus is the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Next in our Allosaurus Vs T Rex comparison, we have the different periods these creatures lived in. As for the Allosaurus, they lived in the Jurassic period. Moreover, the T Rex lived in the cretaceous period.