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Allosaurus vs T-Rex: A Showdown

tyrannosaurus rex fossil
Image Credit: Jon Butterworth

Welcome to Allosaurus vs. T-Rex.

Growing up, we were often marveled by stories of great creatures that grazed the earth long before man came into existence, prehistoric beasts who lived millions of years before the earth got reset.

That’s right; we’re talking about the great dinosaurs. And today, we’ll be looking at not just one but two ferocious beasts. 

t rex
The mighty T-Rex.

Today we compare and contrast these dinosaurs and finding out who would have won in a death battle.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it – it’s time for an Allosaurus Vs T Rex Death battle.

Allosaurus Vs T Rex: Learning About Our Combatants

Size – Weight: 15,000 pounds
– Length: 18-20 feet
– Weight: 5,000 pounds
– Length: 12-14 feet
Teeth and Bite Power– Teeth: 12 inches
– Bitepower: 35,000N
– Teeth: 2-4 inches
– Bitepower: 3,900N
Skull and Jaws– Jaw: 50-60 Teeth
– Skull: more powerful
– Jaw: 28-39 teeth
– Skull: more narrow
Lifespan– Years: 26 – Years: 30
Table comparison.

However, before we get into this huge contest proper, how about we throw some light on what these creatures were?

Therefore, let’s have a look at the traits of each two-footed carnivore and what made them so feared. 

Allosaurus: Top Dog of the Jurassic Era

YouTube video

In this section, we’ll be starting off with our first combatant in the Allosaurus Vs T Rex battle in detail. In other words, we analyze this dinosaur, its traits and behavior. To learn about the Allosaurus, we need to travel back to the late Jurassic period to discover the genus that lived between 163 and 89 million years ago.

The Allosaurus was a genus of bipedal, carnivorous, tetrapod dinosaurs. Secondly, this genus of dinosaurs was native to regions of prehistoric Europe and North America. So, what are the major features that made the Allosaurus so feared?

Firstly, when it comes to the physical features, the Allosaurus certainly wasn’t lacking. In addition to having short, razor-sharp, knife-looking teeth, the dinosaur possessed powerful hind limbs that were much stronger than the forelimbs.

Furthermore, it had a large skull, and the huge body was only balanced by its longer, muscular, and heavy tail. Subsequently, this dinosaur was revered as the top of the food chain during its era. In the end, Allosaurus could prey on herbivorous dinosaurs regardless of their large size.

When it comes to the behavioral patterns of these bipedal beasts, they were known to be social with other members of the genus and avoided aggression. In addition to their interaction, they hunted by slashing their prey and waiting for it to bleed out.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: King of the Cretaceous Period

Jaws of a T-Rex
Jaws of a T-Rex.

Alright, that’s enough about the Allosaurus (for now at least). In this section, we’ll take a look at the other combatant. In the same vein as we did the Allosaurus, we’ll highlight its feature, traits, and unique characteristics.

Firstly, the T Rex lived between 83 and 66 million years ago late in the cretaceous era. This should give you the first major difference in this Allosaurus Vs T Rex Comparison –their eras. Secondly, the tyrannosaurus was a genus of theropods, with the T Rex being the most important and well-known.

In addition to being bipedal, the T Rex was a carnivorous dinosaur with short forelimbs containing two fingers each. Just like the Allosaurus, the T Rex was also native to North America. It was also found in prehistoric Canada.

Nicknamed the Tyrant Lizard the King, the T Rex was gifted with impeccable sight thanks to its binocular vision. For context, this binocular vision was 13 times more powerful than that of humans. In addition to great vision, T Rex had excellent hearing ability.

In this paragraph, we’ll be looking at the feeding and interactive behaviors of this bipedal beast. Firstly, when it comes to feeding, few creatures come close to the level of aggressiveness depicted by these carnivores. They were known for both scavenging and cannibalism.

Consequently, this meant that the T Rex was also aggressive towards members of its genus. Their predatory habits were enhanced by the presence of long, thick, and rounded teeth that looked like scary stick. In the end, the T Rex could bite through anything it wanted.

Allosaurus Vs T Rex: Knowing the Similarities and Differences

T-Rex skeleton dinosaur
T-Rex skeleton dinosaur.

In this section, we’re going to discuss the Allosaurus and T Rex based on the traits and behaviors that they shared in common. Consequently, this will allow us to know the similarities between our combatants in this Allosaurus Vs T Rex matchup.

Next, we’ll look at the differences in these dinosaurs. That is, we’ll take a look at what makes each dinosaur stand out from the others. Only after we’ve analyzed properly their similarities and differences, can we move on to determine who’d win a death battle.

Allosaurus Vs T Rex: How Are They Similar?

Dinosaur by night.
Dinosaur by night.

So, let’s get started with the features shared by these great prehistoric beasts, shall we?

Firstly, the most obvious similarity between our two combatants is their origin. They’re both dinosaur genera belonging to the same order – Saurischia.

Secondly, the two dinosaurs have a three-pronged pelvis structure with the pubis pointed forward. This, consequently, leads to their bipedal nature. In addition to their classification and from, these dinosaurs are carnivores and closely related to lizards.

Finally, one similar feature possessed by these large freaks of nature is the long, heavy tail that’s essential for balancing their heavy bodies.

And with that, we can easily identify the characteristics shared by these creatures.

Allosaurus Vs T Rex: How Do They Differ

T-Rex vs. Allosaurus
T-Rex vs. Allosaurus.

On the other hand, there are differences that set these creatures apart. These differences are what help scientists and researchers identify specific dinosaurs. In the same vein, these differences will give us an insight into the uniqueness of each dinosaur and they’ll fare in our Allosaurus Vs T Rex Death battle.

So, to get a clear picture of these differences, we’ll be highlighting different categories and in each category, we discuss just how they differ.

To begin with, Allosaurus is used to describe a genus of dinosaurs that are large, bipedal, and carnivorous. Secondly, the Allosaurus is of the late Jurassic period. On the other hand, the T Rex is described as a large bipedal carnivorous dinosaur with powerful jaws and small front legs that resemble claws.

#1 Family

In this paragraph, we’ll be looking at the different families these dinosaurs come from. Firstly, the Allosaurus belongs to a family known as Allosauridae. Meanwhile, the T Rex comes from a family of dinosaurs called Tyrannosauridae.

#2 Species

There are 4 species of dinosaurs belonging to the genus Allosaurus. They are A. fragilis, A. europaeus mateus, A. amplus marsh, and A. lucasi. However, the only known species of the tyrannosaurus is the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

#3 Period

Next in our Allosaurus Vs T Rex comparison, we have the different periods these creatures lived in. As for the Allosaurus, they lived in the Jurassic period (155 to 150 mya). Moreover, the T Rex lived in the cretaceous period (65 mya).

#4 Habitat

Although both the Allosaurus and T Rex lived in prehistoric North America, the Allosaurus grazed the lands of Europe, and Portugal (way before they were named). On the other hand, the T Rex also navigated the planes of prehistoric Canada.

#5 Size

Our Allosaurus Vs T Rex comparison continues with a look at how each bipedal giant compared in size. Firstly, the Allosaurus’s body measured 32-40 feet, with the dinosaur standing at 12-14 feet above ground.

Meanwhile, the dinosaur also weighed up to 5,000 pounds. On the other hand, the T Rex was much bigger and weighed a lot more. As a matter of fact, the T Rex stood at 18-20 feet, with a body length of 40 feet. In addition to its large body size, the T Rex weighed as much as 15,000 pounds.

#6 Skull and Jaws

The skull and jaws of the Allosaurus were a bit narrow. On the other hand, the skull and jaws of the Tyrannosaurus Rex were more powerful.

#7 Teeth and Bite Power

In this paragraph, we discuss the vast differences between the teeth of the Allosaurus and those of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. For instance, the teeth of Allosaurus were short (2-4 inches) and laterally flat while those of the T Rex were longer (12 inches), thicker, and rounder.

In addition to shape and size, the teeth of these species differed in number and bite power. Firstly, the Allosaurus had 28-39 teeth. On the other hand, the T Rex had 50-60 serrated teeth. Furthermore, the teeth of Allosaurus had a bite power of 3,900N. Meanwhile, the teeth of T Rex had a bite power of 35,000N – a massive leap in power of the teeth of its counterpart.

#8 Length of Arms

Continuing our Allosaurus Vs T Rex Comparison, we look at the difference in arm length. While the Allosaurus had long arms, the T Rex, on the other hand, had shorter arms that looked like two-fingered claws.

#9 Fingers in Forelimbs

The Allosaurus had 3 fingers while the T Rex had 2 on each arm.

#10 Speed and Movement

Back before man rode horses and cars, these dinosaurs roamed the planet with nothing but their feet. The Allosaurus, for instance, was known for its bipedal striding movements, reaching a top speed of 21-25 mph.

T Rex, on the other hand, reached speeds of 17 mph, a much lower speed than the Allosaurus. But the T Rex, just like the Allosaurus, engaged in movement via bipedal striding.

#11 Senses

So, right here we have a couple of senses developed by both genera of dinosaur, each with its evolution and limitation. For example, the Allosaurus were adept at hearing lower frequencies. Secondly, the Allosaurus had a good nose, but it was limited in its vision and had eyesight comparable to that of alligators.

Moreover, the T Rex also had a very good sense of smell and excellent hearing. In addition, T Rex had binocular vision and consequently, had eyesight 13 times as powerful as the human’s.

#12 Lifespan

The Allosaurus vs. T Rex Faceoff goes on and this time, we look at the average lifespan of each dinosaur. For the Allosaurus, it was recorded that it had a lifespan of 30 years. However, the T Rex didn’t live this long and often died out after 26 years.

#13 Hunting and Feeding

Another important factor to consider in our Allosaurus vs. T Rex Comparison is how these dinosaurs hunted and fed on prey. For instance, the Allosaurus attacked the throat of prey. Secondly, the Allosaurus latched onto the enemy using its mouth and claws.

On the other hand, the T Rex hunted with devastating ease. Secondly, the T Rex was a scavenger and thus, also fed on dead carrion and plant materials. In addition, the teeth of the T Rex were so strong that they could pierce through anything. Therefore, feeding was relatively easy for the T Rex.

Allosaurus Vs T Rex: Who Would Win In A Fight?

YouTube video

And now for the question that’s been popping up in your head since you came across the title – which would come out alive in an Allosaurus Vs T Rex battle?

Because these two beasts lived in separate eras, this faceoff will only happen on the screen from which you read this article. However, through a proper analysis of their different features; for example, size, height, strength, speed, and hunting technique, we can make a call on who walks home as the winner.

Firstly, the Allosaurus possessed great running speed, had a large body. Likewise, the T Rex also had a huge size but slightly lesser speed than the Allosaurus. Thus, the Allosaurus gets the nod when it comes to speed. However, the T Rex packed a size advantage.

Moving on, when it comes to the offensive capabilities of these huge reptile ancestors, who do you think packed the bigger punch? For instance, as earlier stated, the Allosaurus had three sharp, curved claws on both hands and feet, and boy they knew how to use them.

In addition to these claws, the Allosaurus had a powerful bite which meant, therefore, ambush was a huge part of its game. Subsequently, these features are also found in the T Rex and in addition, they possessed bone-crushing bites and they were fast enough to chase down enemies.

So looking at this the T-Rex would win a fight, due to his size and weight advantage. However, the Allosaurus could escape due to its superior speed.

Summary of Allosaurus Vs. T Rex

Dinosaur in a city.
Dinosaur in a city.
Key Points
The T-Rex wins with size, weight and power. Also he has more teeth to use against his enemy.
The Allosaurus wins with speed and stamina. It is generally more vital and can live longer.
Key Facts on T-Rex vs. Allosaurus

So, to wrap up the Allosaurus Vs. T Rex battle, it all comes down to the speed and biting power these dinosaurs have under their belt. Furthermore, their arsenal of weapons like claws and huge teeth, for instance, will come in handy for such faceoff.

So, what dinosaur are you rooting for in this Allosaurus Vs T Rex? Will it be the top dog of the Jurassic era? Or the lizard king of the cretaceous era?

Also have a look at the Top 10 Dangerous Prehistoric Animals.

Thank you for reading Allosaurus vs T-Rex, we hope you enjoyed this and learned something new.

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