American Bobtail

Get ready to learn about owning an American Bobtail as we explore their personality traits, special care requirements, and more!

If you’re looking for an excellent and loyal companion, consider getting an American Bobtail!

The American Bobtail is believed to have originated in the late 1960s from a natural genetic mutation.


Legend has it that a young couple discovered a kitten named Yodie with a  peculiar short tail on an American Indian reservation in Arizona.

They possess shorter-than-usual tails, wide-set eyes, muscular muzzles, and plush coats in various colors

Enigmatic Beauty

Though the length and shape of the tail can vary, it is never more than  half the length of an ordinary cat’s tail. It may be a straight or  slightly curved tail but always has a distinctive “bob” look.

One of the most remarkable personality traits of American Bobtails is their loyalty and companionship.

Personality And Behavior

They tend to form strong bonds with their owners, often following them around the house and becoming devoted to them.

American Bobtails are genetically predisposed to certain medical  conditions such as hip dysplasia, kidney problems, heart disease, and  spinal issues, so it’s important to have regular veterinary checkups.


They should also be fed high-quality food formulated to meet their nutritional needs.


Regular brushing is important for keeping an American Bobtail coat healthy and looking its best.


There are many more interesting facts to discover about this feline beauty.

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