American Curl

Nothing is cuter than a curious, fluffy ball of fur or fluff.

American Curl cats are the epitome of this characteristic – their  playful curiosity and soft, smooth coats make them a popular choice for  pet lovers everywhere.

The original American curl was first discovered in 1981 by a family in Lakewood, California.


The family had taken in two stray cats, one of which happened to have  curled ears; when the family contacted local cat experts about the  unusual feline, they were informed that it was a rare mutation.

The American curl is a small to medium size breed often described as having an elegant and graceful appearance.

Enigmatic Beauty

American curl’s most recognizable feature is curled ears, curved back from the head in a tight ‘C’ shape.

American curls are known for being affectionate and gentle companions who  will thoroughly enjoy spending time with their human family members.

Personality And Behavior

They’re brilliant cats who love to explore and play games and will always be up for cuddles on the couch too!

Like all cats, the American curl requires regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations to maintain good health.


They should also be fed high-quality food formulated to meet their nutritional needs.


Additionally, it’s essential to keep up with regular grooming sessions  to keep their coats healthy – brushing once or twice a week should do  the trick!


There are many more interesting facts to discover about this feline beauty.

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