An Elephant Mother's Effort to Protect Her Twin Babies from a Pride of Lions

Cayla de Souza

During an early morning safari in Chobe National Park, Desmond Clack, a 63-year-old tour guide, captured a dramatic encounter involving a mother elephant and her twin calves.

The group initially observed a pride of lions feasting on a young buffalo, setting the stage for a rare and intense wildlife interaction.

A mother elephant, accompanied by her exceptionally rare twin calves, approached the watering hole.

The lions, having just finished their meal, shifted their focus to the elephant family.

In a desperate attempt to protect her calves, the mother elephant charged at the lions multiple times, showcasing her strong maternal instincts and determination.

A heart-wrenching moment ensued when the calves got separated from their mother, and the younger calf stumbled, making it an easy target for the lions.

The article emphasizes the deep emotional response and mourning behaviors of elephants.

The mother elephant's struggle to save both of her calves, despite ultimately being able to rescue only one, powerfully illustrates the depth of maternal instinct in elephants.


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