By Josie  November 13th, 2023

Angry Papa Elephant Tosses Around Baby Elephant But Luckily Mama Intervenes

This angry papa elephant tosses around a tiny helpless baby elephant from his own herd, luckily mama elephant intervenes just in time!

Sadly, this story reminds us that sometimes the most imminent threats come from inside our circle.

Male elephants, particularly during mating season, exhibit heightened aggression due to increased testosterone levels.

Are Male Elephants More Aggressive Than Females?

This hormonal surge can lead to unpredictable behavior, often resulting in the bull elephants asserting their dominance in the herd.

Females, on the other hand, are more nurturing and protective, especially of the young.

The tossing of the calf by the bull elephant is a behavior that may stem from the confusion caused by hormonal scents.

The Tossing Explained

During mating season, bulls are on high alert for females in estrus.

A baby elephant will also carry this scent for a while after being born – which may seriously confuse bull elephants in the area.

A young calf is tossed around by an angry papa elephant. The calf, infinitely  weaker than the hue papa elephant doesn’t stand a chance.

The Footage

This display of unpredictable behavior is a reminder that threats to vulnerable babies do not only lie outside of the herd.

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The birth of a new elephant is a cause for celebration within the herd, often marked by trumpeting and other displays of joy.

Trumpets of Celebration

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Swipe up to watch the video!