Animals in Alabama

Alabama has many rivers and lakes, thus making it an incredible destination to see animals, with around 60 different kinds of habitats.

While swimming, Alligators use their feet to paddle slowly  and use their tail to go fast. Did you know? Alligators can’t walk backwards.


Black bears feed on 75-85% fruits, berries, nuts, grasses and roots.  They also eat small insects such as ants, bees, termites and carrion.

American black bear

Pine and oak forests, as well as sandy hills covered with palm trees, are their natural habitat.

Eastern Indigo Snake

It is a non-poisonous species of snake in the viper family. They are generally 66-168 cm in length and are very rarely seen because of their secretive habitat.

Rainbow Snake

They are an endangered species of bat found in  Alabama region. They majorly live in limestone caves which are found in  south eastern United States.

Grey Bat

This snake reaches a length of 120-180cm. They mate in spring season with clutches of 3-24 eggs.

Pine Snake

Adult are 20-32 inches in length and up to 40 inches, but only 1 inch or less in  diameter. It lives mainly in grassy areas on densely vegetated bank or in the water.

Rough Green Snake

Follow us to this charismatic southern state, which welcomes you with great nature, exciting cities and cultural highlights.

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