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Animals in Alabama

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Welcome to Animals in Alabama.

Alabama has different kind of region where we can find steep hills and good fertile surface land, Alabama region has many river and lakes, making it an incredible, natural destination to see animals in Alabama. There is bayou shoreline and tidal bay which is 600 miles near to the Gulf of Mexico.

There are around 60 kinds of habitat found in Alabama region like forests, glades, woodlands and wetlands. Weather in Alabama is humid to warm hrough the year and has very rare snowfall. Due to its diversification in different kind of regions and climate Alabama is known as one of the most environment friendly countries.

For biodiversity it come number one from the states of Mississippi and number fifth is country. There are around 62 native animals, with near around 22 rodents species, bat species are 16 in number, 4 species of rabbit, and 433 species of birds which includes some species of birds which are found very uncommon in the world. 

Take a look at some of the animals in Alabama:


American Alligator Swimming in Everglades

Alligators include the Mississippi alligator, the China alligator, and the caimans.

They have between 74-80 teeth. Over time, the teeth wear down and are replaced by new ones. It is not uncommon for an alligator to therefore have a total of between 2,000 and 3,000 teeth in its lifetime.

Alligators paddle with their feet when they swim slowly and with their tails when they want to swim fast. On land, they use their feet to get around. Did you know. Alligators can’t walk backwards.

Animals in Alabama: Where one can find American black bear in Alabama region

Slow-flowing freshwater rivers, marshes, marshlands, and lakes inhabited.

American black bear

black bear animals in alabama

The American black bear lives in North America – there it populates the forests and river courses from Alaska via Canada to Florida and Mexico. The medium-sized bears with the strong claws used to be hunted heavily.

Black bears feed 75-85% on fruits, berries, nuts, grasses and roots. They also eat small insects such as ants, bees, termites and carrion.

Animals in Alabama: Where one can find American black bear in Alabama region

Alabama is one of the largest places where American black bear are found. They found near Little River Canyon in Cherokee Country in north-eastern part of state.

They are mostly seen in summer season near the lakes and can be found in mating season like month of May to mid of July. Even can be seen in month of January and February when a new bay bear born.

Eastern Indigo Snake

indigo snake, Animals in Alabama

Pine and oak forests, as well as sandy hills covered with palm trees, are their natural habitat. The name gopher snake comes from the fact that it is often found in the burrows of the gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus).

It defends itself by rearing its neck, hissing, and rattling its tail. However, rarely bites when caught. It is diurnal.

Where one can find Eastern Indigo Snake in Alabama region

During the breeding season they can found near the coastal regions.

Rainbow Snake

rainbow snake | animals in alabama

The Rainbow Mud Snake (Farancia erytrogramma), sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Snake, is a non-poisonous species of snake in the viper family.

These animals in Alabama consist of  two subspecies of rainbow snake from which one is declared as extinct species. They are 66-168 cm long in length and are seen very rare because of their secretive habitat. They are very beautiful snakes which are found in Alabama region. Adult snakes have glossy black color back with three red stripes.

Where one can find Rainbow Snake in Alabama region

They are mainly found in Coastal Plain of southern United States which covers southern Virginia to eastern Louisiana.

Grey Bat

animals in alabama | flying bat

Grey bat are also known as Grey Myotis and are marked as endangered species of bat found in Alabama region. They majorly live in limestone caves which are found in south eastern United States. 

The greater mouse-eared bat is one of the largest native bat species. It is about the size of a blackbird with a weight of 28-40 grams. The dorsal fur is light gray-brown, the ventral fur is white-gray. The wings are gray-brown, and the ears are long and broad (mouse-like).

Where one can find Grey Bat in Alabama region

They are majorly found in caves in north Alabama region near to wheeler National wildlife Refuge, Decatur, Morgan country, lake Guntersville, Tennessee River Valley, Madison County.

Pine snake

pine snake, Animals in Alabama

The diurnal and temperamental pine snake reaches a length of 120 to 180 cm. Their basic coloration ranges from light green tones to gray, the head is brownish. Over the entire back and on the flanks hexagonal black spots are drawn in a row.

They mate in spring season with clutches of 3-24 eggs. Generally mating season comes in June to August month. They keep their eggs in sand burrows or under the large rocks, logs of tree and can hatch after a time span of 64-79 days. 

Eggs are large in shape and are 66 m long in length and 44mm wide. They mostly prefer xeric or pine oak woodland of habitat with a sandy soil.  They eat small and large animals as well as nesting birds, bird’s eggs. They hibernate in April or May month. Eggs are carried in summer season and collected by females in nests.

Where one can find Pine Snake in Alabama region

They are found in local mountain areas of Alabama like northern portion toward the southward to the coastal plain of central Alabama valley of Alabama River.

Rough Green Snake

green snake, Animals in Alabama

Rough Green snake is also known as green snake, tree snake or summer tree snake. They are very long in length; very sleek having long tapering tail. Adult are 20-32 inches in length but can be long as 40 inches in length. They are very thing with 1 inch of diameter or can be less. They are bright green in color with off white color of belly and pale white color throat.

The rough grass snake is found in southern parts of the USA as far south as Mexico. Here it lives mainly in grassy areas on densely vegetated banks. Very often it also lives in the water.

Where one can find Rough Green Snake in Alabama region

They mainly found near the edges of ponds or streams, handing on the tree or shrub for hunting their prey. They are found in different regions like eastern and southeastern United States. Very small population found in New Mexico. They are mainly found in summer season.

Summary on Animals in Alabama

Alabama is also affectionately called “Heart of Dixie” or “Sweet Home Alabama” by its inhabitants.

Follow us to this charismatic southern state, which welcomes you with great nature, exciting cities and cultural highlights. One can find a wide varied of animals in Alabama. 

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