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Animals in Alabama

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Welcome to Animals in Alabama.

Alabama has different kind of region where we can find steep hills and good fertile surface land, Alabama region has many river and lakes, making it an incredible, natural destination to see animals in Alabama. There is bayou shoreline and tidal bay which is 600 miles near to the Gulf of Mexico.

There are around 60 kinds of habitat found in Alabama region like forests, glades, woodlands and wetlands. Weather in Alabama is humid to warm through the year and has very rare snowfall. Due to its diversification in different kind of regions and climate Alabama is known as one of the most environment friendly countries.

For biodiversity it come number one from the states of Mississippi and number fifth is country. There are around 62 native animals, with near around 22 rodents species, bat species are 16 in number, 4 species of rabbit, and 433 species of birds which includes some species of birds which are found very uncommon in the world. 

Take a look at some of the animals in Alabama:

American black bear

Eastern Indigo Snake

Rainbow snake

Grey bat

Pine snake

Rough green snake

American black bear

black bear animals in alabama

Earlier black bear found in southwest portion of Alabama region but in recent some years their population starts increasing from northeast Alabama to northwest Georgia. These bears are similar to Florida bear in look but are classified as subspecies.

They are omnivorous mammal and belong to Ursidae family. There are two subspecies of American black bear which are found in Alabama region one is Florida black bear and another one is Louisiana black bear. They are found in around 41 states of United States and 43 countries near to Alabama and other parts of Canada and Mexico. They are mostly found near Little River Canyon in Cherokee country which is in the north-eastern part of Alabama. 

They are black to light brown in color and some subspecies are beige in color. The American black bear looks somewhat similar to brown bear but American black bear have larger ears with less fur and shoulder hump is less in size. American black bear are very large in size and it may vary depending upon the season, age and sex. Male American bear weighs from 150 – 350 pound and females weighs from 120-250 pound. Till date largest male American black bear weigh recorder was 900 pounds. They are 47-79 inches in length with small eyes, ears, teeth are sharp, and sharp curved claws. They generally hunt for big animals.

They use their curved sharped sharp claws to climb and for digging food. American black bear generally mature at the age of 3.5 years and can start reproducing with an average of two years. Due to environmental condition sometimes their breeding may vary. In the month of May to mid of July they start mating and are polygynous in nature which means a single male bear can mate with multiple female bear during the mating season. Until a female bear has not gained good amount of fat and food their gestation period didn’t start. Baby bears born in the month of January and February. They live in caves, root masses, ground nests. They sleep a lot in winter season as compared to summer season.

Animals in Alabama: Where one can find American black bear in Alabama region

Alabama is one of the largest places where American black bear are found. They found near Little River Canyon in Cherokee Country in north-eastern part of state. They are mostly seen in summer season near the lakes and can be found in mating season like month of May to mid of July. Even can be seen in month of January and February when a new bay bear born. American black bears can also found in Baldwin, Mobile and Washington countries.

Eastern Indigo Snake

indigo snake, Animals in Alabama

Eastern Indigo snakes are one of the largest species of non-venomous snakes in colubridae family. They are mostly found at South-eastern United States. These are one of the longest native species of snakes found in North America region. They are also named as indigo, blue indigo, black snake, blue bull snake, blue gopher snake. Their upper body have blue-black color dorsal and having lateral scale and in bright light these scales can be seen as blackish or purple in color.

These are one of the longest snake species in US and North American region. Mature males are 1.2-2.36m long in length and weigh up to 0.72-4.5kg whereas mature females are 1.1-2 meter long in length and weigh 0.55-2.7kg. They can grow up to 8 feet long length. They are found in sandy soil, wetlands, bottom of steams, agriculture fields etc. Their habitat changes from one season to another season. 

In December to April month the like to live in sandhill areas and from May to July they live in dens. And in August to November month the live on shady creek bottoms from the other seasons. They are carnivorous in nature and like other snakes they eat other small animals. They first kill their prey and then eat them. They also eat other snake which includes venomous snakes as well but due to its immunity to venom in blood they can resist. They eat turtles, toads, and small birds, eggs of animals or birds, Lizards, frogs etc.

Where one can find Eastern Indigo Snake in Alabama region

During the breeding season they can found near the coastal regions. They found in Conecuh National Forest during the breeding process. But some of the research said that they are extinct species of snakes but in recent few month back (March 2022) a young indigo snake has been found in Conecuh Nation Forest in Alabama region.

Rainbow Snake

rainbow snake | animals in alabama

Rainbow snakes are very rare to found and are marked as threatened species. They are found in some of the know areas like coastal plain and regions near to Fall Line Hills but they are recorded very few locations in Alabama around 10 locations. There scientific name is Francia Erytrogramma which is species of large snakes. They are non-venomous and good aquatic feature. 

These animals in Alabama consist of  two subspecies of rainbow snake from which one is declared as extinct species. They are 66-168 cm long in length and are seen very rare because of their secretive habitat. They are very beautiful snakes which are found in Alabama region. Adult snakes have glossy black color back with three red stripes.

Their belly is reddish to pink in color which has two to three black spots of row. With smooth shiny scales on their back, dark eyes and tapered kind of tail tip. Male snakes are longer in length and have thicker tail as that of female rainbow snakes. They are mainly found in Southern United states coastal plains area, which covers southern Virginia and eastern region of Louisiana. They are also found in Southern Florida region mainly at Lake Okeechobee. But no snakes has been found in past few years back and are marked as absent from some regions of Florida Peninsula. They are found in various water habitats but majorly found in swamps and running water areas like streams, rivers, creeks.

They can also be found near to coastal regions like tidal or brackish water. They can also found in heavily vegetated wetlands and adults snakes moves to more water areas. They are found on surface areas very occasionally as they prefer to live under water. Female rainbow snakes can lay upto 50 eggs based on their body size average number of eggs can laid in a single female snake is around 20. Young snakes born in the end of summer or sometime in winter too based on the season and habitat. There is an ecology lab where number of rainbow snakes are kept as that of any other region.

Where one can find Rainbow Snake in Alabama region

They are very secretive habitat and because of that they are very rare to found. They are mainly found in Coastal Plain of southern United States which covers southern Virginia to eastern Louisiana. They are slow found in Lake Okeechobee in Southern Florida region. But no snakes has been found in past few years back and are marked as absent from Southern half of Florida peninsula. There is an ecology lab name as Savannah River Ecology lab where a large number of rainbow snakes are kept as that of any other region.

Grey Bat

animals in alabama | flying bat

Grey bat are also known as Grey Myotis and are marked as endangered species of bat found in Alabama region. They majorly live in limestone caves which are found in south eastern United State. 

In Alabama they are found in most of the region except south western coastal plains. They have grey color fur which helps them in recognizing from other bat species. During molting season (from June to August month) their hair may get beach to russet or chestnut brown in color. Grey bat is known as one of the largest species of bats in Alabama region. Their weight is approx. 7-16 grams and is around 3.5 inches in length with a wingspan of 11-13 inches.

Their life span is of 15 years and baby bat can mature upto 2 years of age. They live mainly in caves but sometime can live in urban areas like dump building, vegetation areas. They use deep vertical caves in winter season for hibernating which are cold in temperature approx. 5.2 degree Celsius and in summer season caves are warm in temperature like 14 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius.  They usually eat insects, beetles, flies, moths etc

Where one can find Grey Bat in Alabama region

They are majorly found in caves in north Alabama region near to wheeler National wildlife Refuge, Decatur, Morgan country, lake Guntersville, Tennessee River Valley, Madison County. There are around 1.5 million bats located in this region. In summer they use Jackson county, Hambrick Cave, Guntersville Lake, dams, near Florence, Lauderdale county are make to protect Alabama cavefish but also known as one of the major site for number of grey bats.

Pine snake

pine snake, Animals in Alabama

Pine snakes are also known as bull snakes. They are very rare and are possibly marked as threatened species. They are marked under High Conservation Concern and very limited in Ridge & Valley, Appalachian Plateau, and Interior Plateau. They are very large in length approximately 210.8 cm. 

Head is wider than neck. Ground is white in color, cream, yellow or grey in color with 25-31 dark patches. Belly is white in color with different black color spot on down side. They chose habitat with vegetation, dry areas, forests or partially forest area where sand is present. In coastal areas they are found at pine scrub oak forests.

They mate in spring season with clutches of 3-24 eggs. Generally mating season comes in June to August month. They keep their eggs in sand burrows or under the large rocks, logs of tree and can hatch after a time span of 64-79 days.  Eggs are large in shape and are 66 m long in length and 44mm wide. They mostly prefer xeric or pine oak woodland of habitat with a sandy soil.  They eat small and large animals as well as nesting birds, bird’s eggs. They hibernate in April or May month. Eggs are carried in summer season and collected by females in nests.

Where one can find Pine Snake in Alabama region

These animals in Alabama are found in western Alabama, northern boundary of Black Belt which is limited to the southern region in Pine snake distribution. They are found in local mountain areas of Alabama like northern portion toward the southward to the coastal plain of central Alabama valley of Alabama River.

Rough Green Snake

green snake, Animals in Alabama

Rough Green snake is also known as green snake, tree snake or summer tree snake. They are very long in length; very sleek having long tapering tail. Adult are 20-32 inches in length but can be long as 40 inches in length. They are very thing with 1 inch of diameter or can be less. They are bright green in color with off white color of belly and pale white color throat.

Young rough green snakes are dully in color until they do not shed their skin (usually for the first time). They are very good in vision with big eyes which helps them in seeing and capturing fast moving insects with same color as that of rough green snake. 

These snakes have flumped scales on their body which gives them a rough look as that of smooth green snake (subspecies of green snake). They are found in wide variety of habitat like uplands, wetlands as well as various other type of habitat.

They majorly found near the edges of streams or ponds where they usually hangs out on the branches of trees or shrubs. They can swim also and can go in water for their prey. They mostly spend their time on trees for hunting. They eat crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, frogs. Unlike other snakes they do not kill their prey first they just grasp their prey with their tiny curved shaped teeth and swallow them alive.

Where one can find Rough Green Snake in Alabama region

They mainly found near the edges of ponds or streams, handing on the tree or shrub for hunting their prey. They are found in different regions like eastern and southeastern United States. Very small population found in New Mexico. They mainly found in summer season

Summary on Animals in Alabama

One can find a wide varied of animals in Alabama. There are many North American forest animals like white tail deer, shrews, rodents, foxes.

The grassy areas are home for rabbits, snakes and armadillos. In coastal areas marine mammals are found like fish, whales. There are various wetlands in Alabama which are home for alligators. There are many dangerous animals found at Alabama region like alligators, black bear or wild boars. Needless to say, Alabama offers a wide array of wildlife encounters to its beholders. If you’re planning on travelling to North America, take a look at blogs featuring Wyoming and Arizona‘s wildlife.

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