Animals in Georgia

The state of Georgia in the United States has heaps of different animal species in them.  Let’s check out the best of Georgia’s wildlife with our list of the most interesting and sought after animals in Georgia.

Brown Thrasher

This official state bird of Georgia, the Brown Thrasher, is widespread throughout the state. These are territorial birds, particularly when they are defending their nests.

Largemouth Bass

This fish has olive grey-green scales on it. It likes to be in warm water streams, and rivers of Georgia, with lots of vegetation. They grow about 8 inches in their first year of life already.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Eastern tiger swallowtail was recognized as the official state butterfly of Georgia. This is a big butterfly and when they are in the sun their outspread wings can span around 5.5 inches from one tip to the other.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed deer got its name because of the presence of white hairs under tail and back end. White-tailed deer has various sizes. It has a ruddy brown to grayish earthy colored body and huge ears.

Green Tree Frog

These cute frogs are lime green with bright white stripes on each side of their bodies. They can be found throughout the state of Georgia, and you can hear them chirping during the summer and spring months.

American Alligator

Their top jaw overlaps the lower jaw. It’s what makes it different from the crocodile. They can grow up to 14 feet, so they will devour a lot of different foods to feed that large frame.

River Otter

This cutest of animals, the river otter, is also a member of the weasel family. These creatures have thick fur over their bodies that are usually dark brown, black, or reddish.