Animals in Illinois

People in Illinois can live harmoniously with the animals around their town only if they know what kinds of animals are common in their area.  Check out our list of animals that can be found in this state.

State Mammals

White-tailed deer is one of the most common mammals in the United States and is known as the state animal of Illinois. It is named white deer because of its tail.

State Bird

The northern cardinal is the state bird of Illinois, and it stands out because of its beautiful bright red plumage.


They are considered dangerous as they are irritable and can be wild without any warning. After two centuries, they have returned to Illinois.


If you ever encounter Massasauga in the woods, you better leave it alone because it is venomous. Despite being dangerous, Massasauga is a beautiful rattler with a pattern of brown blotches on the gray ground and keeled scales.

Striped Bark Scorpion

Its size is only about 2.75 inches long, which is the medium size for a scorpion. However, it contains a neurotoxin that is more dangerous to people who are allergic to its venom.


Bobcats are very beautiful as they have yellowish to reddish-brown fur with black spots and streaks throughout. Their fur keeps changing color; as the winter comes, the fur changes into grayish brown.


Coyotes resemble dogs as they belong to Canidae such as red fox, gray wolf, and gray fox. Coyote is a medium-sized dog, but they do not exactly look like a dog as their tail is bushier and their nose is more pointed.