Animals in Maine

So if you’re visiting New Orleans or the broader Louisiana area and are interested in what wildlife and animals you may stumble upon, look no further!  We’ve got plenty of information in this blog for you to enjoy.

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic puffins are beautiful animals with very special behavior and size. The roam around nature in Maine.

Hooded Seal

The hooded seal is silver-gray with black spots on the fur. Their limbs are small, and they have black faces. Even though hooded seals have small limbs, they are known as good swimmers and divers.

Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern chipmunks are known for their small size and cuteness. They are reddish-brown with dark brown strips on their backs. There are white stripes on its back, which separate the brown strips.


The flea can be found anywhere in the world. Every flea species do not have the same hosts; some have specialized hosts, and some can accept any host.


Seagulls are known for their intelligence, and they pass it down to the next generation of gulls. They can also remember foraging strategies. Eagles and seagulls share a superficial resemblance.

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