Animals in North Dakota

Bighorn Sheep

They are muscular in size with big horns on their head. They have chocolate brown color fur on their body.

Where to find Big Horn Sheep in North Dakota?

They are found in west mountain region of North Dakota. They majorly lives in mountain regions so can be easily found in areas where there are mountains.


They are carnivorous animals and are dark color. They are semiaquatic animals such that they can live on ground as well as can swim under water.

Where to find Mink in North Dakota?

They love to live near water areas like rivers, follow streams so can be found around them. They are found very easily in North Dakota region especially in Eastern half region.

Piping Plover

They are small birds which are color like sand. They size like shorebirds and lives near coastal areas, beaches near North America region.

Where to find Piping Plover in North Dakota?

They mainly viewed in migration season. They found in Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota. They mainly found in wetland areas and are very rare to see on the outside of sand lands.

Common Snapping Turtle

They found in different regions like south east Canada, south west of mountain areas, Nova Scotia region, Florida.

Red Knot

Red knots are stout, conveniently proportioned sandpipers that in summer sport splendid earthenware orange under parts and complex gold, buff, and dark upper parts.

Animals in North Dakota