Animals in Pennsylvania

Long Tailed Weasel

They are little carnivores in the weasel family. The significant recognizable proof test is recognizing long-followed weasels from ermine and least weasels.

American Black Bear

Black bears were found in the southwest of the Alabama region, but recently the population status increased from northeast Alabama to northwest Georgia.

Stripped Skunk

Skunks have strips on their back and are well known for a foul smell from their buttocks ends. They are curious animals that are found very commonly on Prince Edward Island, and they have black & white color stripes on their back.


Elk are the native animals of Tennessee and the most crucial part of Tennessee’s ecosystem because they help shape the landscape for earlier state residents.


Groundhog is recognized with names like Canada marmot, monax, chuck, wood-shock, whistle pig, and land beaver. They usually live in rocky and mountain areas.

White-Tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are two meters in length and one meter tall. They are primarily reddish brown and grey. In the summer, their back is reddish brown; in the winter,n, they are mostly found as greyish brown with a white belly.

Fox Squirrel

Fox squirrels are one of giant tree squirrels in Tennessee. Fox squirrels live in different habitats, like small patches in forests (trees).

Snowshoe Hare

The front ports of snowshoe hares are enormous; they are named snowshoes, and these big feet help them sink into snow when they walk or hop in snow.

Animals in Pennsylvania