Animals in Prince Edward Island


Skunks have strips on their back and are well known for a foul smell from their buttocks ends.

Where can we find Skunks on Prince Edward Island?

They are primarily found in the summer season. In the winter, they hibernate with their babies or families. They are majorly found in farmlands and forests.

Barn Swallow

They are widespread, with a range of 251 million square kilometers of area, and they are found in other regions like America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Where we can find Barn Swallows on Prince Edward Island?

They are mainly found in areas where they find water, near farmlands; they make nests in old buildings so that they can be found in urban regions.

Blue Jay

In 1977, the blue jay was marked as a provincial bird of Prince Edward Island. Their hood is sky blue, which helps in quickly recognizing them.

Snowshoe Hare

Their fur changes color as the season changes. In the winter, they are white; in the s summer, they are rusty brown.

Black Billed Cuckoo

Black billed cuckoo are long in length that has brown color upper body part and under parts are where in color.

Red Spotted Newt

Read spotted newt is also known as the subspecies of Eastern Newt. They are brown, olive in green, with dark dots and red spots on their back.

Animals in Prince Edward Island