Animals in Quebec


Firstly, it is also known as reindeer. It is that species of deer that has a circumpolar distribution. Furthermore, they are found in the north side of Quebec.

Black Bear

There are about 70,000 black bears living in Quebec. It is one of the most common and feared animals in Quebec. They love to live in dense forests.


It is the largest and heaviest animal of the deer species. Moose require 25 to 30kg of plant food daily and usually drink water which is rich in minerals.

White-tailed deer

It is the most common animal and can be easily found in Southern Quebec.

Northern Gannet

This is a magnificent and attractive bird that is found in Northeastern Quebec. Evidently, male northern gannet and female northern gannet almost look similar.

Eastern Wolf

It is also known as the timber wolf or Algonquin wolf. It is a different species of the gray wolf.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle represents courage and strength and very loved icon in North American Culture.


They live in cold seas, having tapered bodies at the end and round in the middle. Secondly, seals are classified based on whether they have ears or not.

Animals in Quebec