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Sharped-tailed Grouse

They are medium-sized prairie that is also known as sharp-tail and fire grouse. There are around three species of goose, and out of three, one of Sharped-tailed grouse.

A place where we can find sharped tailed grouse in the Saskatchewan region

They can be found quickly throughout the various areas of the Saskatchewan region, like Cypress hills, south part prairies, and dense north forests.

Burrowing Owl

Animals in Saskatchewan: If someone comes to the Saskatchewan region, one must visit Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre in Moose Jas to see a burrowing owl.

A place where we can find Burrowing Owl in the Saskatchewan region

They are found in mixed grassland and parkland aspen trees. They can be found in the various areas of Winnipeg, like the east region, west of Calgary, and North of Prince Albert.

Olive Sided Flycatcher

Olive-sided flycatcher bird belongs to the family Tyrannidee. They are small and known as migrant birds, from the southern part of America to the North.

A place where we can find Oliver Sided flycatcher in the Saskatchewan region

They like boreal forests and trees which are tall in length. They prefer to live on the very top of trees. They are found in western redcedar, larch, hemlock, and spruce.

Prairie Dog

They are found in grassland regions and are herbivorous. They are also known as burrowing mammals, mainly located in grassland regions.

American White Pelican

They breed in some interior part of North America and moves from the south to the coasts in the winter season. They are vast and plumpy, around 130-180cm long, with a huge beak.

Animals in Saskatchewan