Animals in South Carolina

Loggerhead Turtle

This particular turtle is found throughout the world. It belongs to the oceanic turtle species, known as a marine reptile, and belongs to the family Cheloniidae.

Where can one find Loggerhead Turtles in South Carolina?

The loggerhead turtle can be found on sea shores, and the best time to spot it is around sea shores in April through November, while on beaches from May through October.

North American River Otter

The North American river otter is a semiaquatic mammal endemic to North America, and it is also known as a river otter or just a northern river otter.

Frosted Flatwoods Salamander

It is tiny, with a length of about 9 to 13.5 cm. It has short legs, a small head, and a long round tail. Frosted flatwood salamander has a brownish to a purplish color.

Corn Snake

It is species of rat snake. It is found in the central and southeastern United States and appears like venom. Due to this reason, it gets killed.

Polyphemus Moth

We can easily see the features of purplish eyespots on the hind wings and their prominent shape. It got its name from its eyespots.

Eastern Fence Lizard

This lizard is small, has a length of 4 to 7.25 inches, and has rough scales on its body.

Eastern Woodrat

Eastern woodrat is a medium size rodent with thick fur, large eyes, visible ears, distinct whiskers, and mix colored furry tail smaller than half the length of the total body.

Animals in South Carolina