Animals in Texas


Coyote belongs to North America and is a species of canine. It is smaller in size than its relative wolf.

Where can one find Coyotes in Texas?

Due to their fast adaptation and different diet, they can be easily found in urban and suburban landscapes where food is present.


Pronghorn is the only animal with branching in its horns and sheds it annually compared to other animals.

Where can one find Pronghorns in Texas?

It is commonly found in Texas only in Trans-Pecos deserts and the high plains of the Panhandle.


The cougar (Puma concolor) is a giant cat born in the United States.

Where can one find Cougars in Texas?

A leucitic person was spotted in Serra National Park in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 while filming a camera, indicating that there are rare white couches that are very rare in animal species.


It is a crocodile in the Alligator genus of the family Alligatoridae. Two extant species are the American crocodile and the Chinese crocodile.

Fox Squirrel

Fox squirrels are squirrels of large trees. Because of their ability to adapt to many forest habitats, they have become the most common Texas squirrel.

Animals in Texas