Animals of Arkansas

Welcome to Animals in Arkansas! The state is known for its beautiful mountains and forests, which are home to many different kinds of wildlife.  Here's a list of 10 wildlife that are must-sees.

White-tail Deer

They have reddish-brown coats in summer. Then, as winter arrives, the color turns a dull greyish-brown color.  The male deer, in summer and fall, have magnificent antlers.


Fall is the perfect time to view them. Males can sport antlers that weigh up to 40 pounds. Elk love living in the forests and the woodlands and are also found often in mountainous areas.

Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is clearly recognized by its brown body, yellow hooked beak, and magnificent white head. It likes to live near constant sources of water, and its diet consists of fish snakes turtles—and ducks!

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

The ivory-billed woodpecker is the largest of all North American woodpeckers, and it has become critically endangered because its habitat—swampy forests—has been destroyed.

Black Bear

They like forested areas that have thick ground cover and that can supply them with fruits, vegetation, and nuts. During wintertime, they hibernate in dens.

Nine-banded Armadillo

The nine-banded armadillo can live for about 8 years. He weighs about 6.5 kg. He is medium-sized and has an armored shell covering his entire body. This consists of horny scales called “scutes.”