Animals that Start with A

Tons of animals have names that start with the letter "A."  We’ve gathered twenty of these animals and some fun facts you would love to know about them.


Their name is from the Afrikaans language in South Africa, which means ‘earth pig.’ They really hit the mark on that name, as aardvarks like to spend their days hiding from the sun underground.

Amur Leopard

There are few of these species of leopards left, so they are pretty hard to find. But if you do find them, it'll probably be in a freezing place. These leopards love the cold.


If you mistake the aardwolf for a hyena, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth. The two are closely related to the hyenas, but they eat termites instead.


The addax is a beautiful antelope that once could be found all over the Sahara desert. They used to be more numerous, but poachers have drastically cut down their numbers.

Arctic Wolf

The Arctic wolf makes its home in the freezing expanse of Greenland, Alaska, Iceland, and Canada. It has thick white fur, a short nose, and small ears to conserve body heat.

Angora Goat

The hair of Angora goats makes them one of the most sought-after species of goats. Their hair is called mohair, and it’s softer and has a better sheen than normal angora fur.

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