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Animals That Start With J

Welcome to animals that start with J.

Just looking out your window would have you seeing a few animals that start with the letter J. These animals are many, and we’ve curated a list of them for your consumption. Let’s go through them together.

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Overview of animals that start with J





Jackson’s Chameleon


Jaguarundi Cat

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Macaque

Japanese Squirrel

Javan Rhinoceros



Joro Spider

Jumping Spider


Javan Tree Shrew

Javan Langur


Javan Pig

1. Jacana

Jacana - animals that start with J

These birds are usually found around water bodies. Jacanas’ long legs allow them to wade into the water and forage for their food, including fishes, insects, and seeds.

Jacanas aren’t good fliers.

Fun Fact: Some Jacanas can swim underwater.

2. Jackal

Jackal - animals that start with J

These omnivorous animals are monogamous. This means that Jackals mate one partner and stay with them, taking care of pups throughout their lives. They also hunt in pairs.

Fun Fact: Jackals can run very fast, with a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

3. Jackdaw

Jackdaw - animals that start with J

One notable feature of the Jackdaw is its black coat. But that changes to grey as they age, a bit like human hair.

The Jackdaw is usually thought of as a thief because it is attracted to shiny things, like trinkets and beads.

Fun Fact: The Jackdaw is intelligent and can be taught tricks. It can also mimic human voices.

4. Jackrabbit


The dull greyish-brown colors of the Jackrabbit help it to blend in with the surroundings. This herbivore has scent glands near its tail to mark its territory.

The Jackrabbit has a running speed of at least 40 miles per hour.

Fun Fact: The Jackrabbit can cover ten feet in one leap.

5. Jackson’s Chameleon

Jackson’s Chameleon - animals that start with J

The Jackson’s Chameleon is famous for the three horns on its face. These animals are best kept separately to avoid fights.

Thanks to its bright colors, the Jackson’s Chameleon is easy to spot, making it a good pet.

Fun Fact: The eggs of the Jackson’s Chameleon hatch in the mother’s body, and the offspring are born live.

6. Jaguar

Jaguar - animals that start with J

The Jaguar is the biggest feline on the American continent. It is stronger and more muscular than a leopard but is also known for its agility.

Fun Fact: The Jaguar has the most powerful bite of all the big cats.

7. Jaguarundi Cat

Jaguarundi Cat - animals that start  J

The Jaguarundi Cat is found in the marshes and wetlands of Central and South America. This cat is nicknamed the Otter cat because of its affinity to water bodies.

The Jaguarundi Cat is one of the few wild cats that aren’t nocturnal.

Fun Fact: The Jaguarundi Cat can jump 6.5 feet in the air to catch a bird.

8. Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle

The Japanese Beetle is native to Japan but has invaded the United States, Canada, and Sweden. This voracious eater feeds on a wide range of plant life, including fruits. But they have a short life span.

Fun Fact: A swarm of Japanese beetles can clear an entire fruit tree in fifteen minutes.

9. Japanese Macaque

Japanese macaque - animals that start with J

You can find the Japanese macaque in the colder reaches of Japan. Also known as the Snow monkey, they are the world’s northernmost living monkeys.

It has a thick coat to protect it from frigid temperatures and a red human-like face.

Fun Fact: Japanese macaques are ground-dwelling. They forage food on the ground and store it in their cheek pouches.

10. Japanese Squirrel

Japanese squirrels - animals that start with J

This small rodent is native to the Japanese mainland. Its appearance looks like any other squirrel. It has a long bushy tail, black eyes, and large tufted ears.

Japanese squirrels usually have 6 to 8.5 inches lengths, with the tail adding another body length of 5 to 7 inches.

Fun Fact: Japanese Squirrels have a great memory to remember the locations of food they stash for the winter.

11. Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros - Animals that start with J

The Javan Rhinoceros has only one horn, unlike its African relatives with two. Females Javan rhinos may not even have a horn.

They are native to southeast Asia.

Fun Fact: Poaching has reduced the Javan Rhinoceros population from thousands of animals in the wild to only 72 animals in a park.

12. Jellyfish


Jellyfishes are popular invertebrates that are seen in almost every ocean. The bodies of jellyfishes are made of mostly water.

Surprisingly, these animals are a delicacy in some parts of the world.

Fun Fact: Jellyfishes don’t have a brain.

13. Jerboa

Jerboa - animals that start with J

The Jerboa is a tiny rodent found in Northern Africa and Asia. These animals have long ears and tails and large hind legs.

They look like little kangaroos and move via hopping like them too.

Fun Fact: Jerboas don’t drink water at all.

14. Joro Spider

Joro spider - animals that start with J

The Joro Spider was once only found in parts of Japan and Korea but can now be found in parts of the United States.

It is named after a Japanese spider demon because of its fearsome appearance.

Fun Fact: Joro Spiders can travel up to a hundred miles while gliding on air currents in their webs.

15. Jumping Spider

Jumping spider - animals that start with j

The name of these animals is self-explanatory; they are spiders, and they jump. They come in many bright colors and varied sizes. But even the biggest ones, Hyllus giganteus, are tiny.

Jumping spiders stalk their prey and jump on them for the kill.

Fun Fact: Jumping Spiders can jump nearly fifty times their body length.

16. Jabiru


The Jabiru is a large stork that you can find in the Americas. This bird is notable for its large neck.

Fun Fact: The Jabiru is the tallest flying bird in the Americas.

17. Javan Tree Shrew

Javan tree shrew - animals that start with j

This Shrew lives in some Indonesian islands. It primarily inhabits the trees and subsists on plant material.

Fun Fact: The tail of this tiny animal can be longer than its body.

18. Javan Langur

Javan Langur

The Javan langur is a diurnal primate that you can find in the islands of Indonesia. It has a herbivorous diet of plant material but may also eat insect larva.

Fun Fact: Javan Langurs have a special stomach to digest plant material efficiently.

19. Junco

Junco - animals that start with J

You can find these tiny birds in the temperate regions of North America and some parts of the Arctic.

Fun Fact: What do you call a flock of Juncos? We’ll tell you. A blizzard.

20. Javan Pig

Javan Pig - animals that start with J

This warty pig lives in the Indonesian islands of Java and Bawean. The animals are considered endangered.

Fun Fact: Male Javan pigs weigh about 108 kg when fully grown.

Summary of animals that start with J

You made it this far, well-done. This list features exciting animals and amazing fun facts. We hope you enjoyed it. See you again, but be sure to check this list of animals that start with K before you leave.