Animals That Start With C

Some of the animals that start with B are common—you might see them around you, while others aren't quite as prevalent. As we learn more about these creatures and how they live in their environments, we'll all get to know each other better!


These social reptiles have their eyes and nostrils on the top of their head and snout. They feed primarily on fish. Fun Fact: Caimans cannot chew food. They tear meat and swallow it whole.


Camels are very popular mammals. They live in arid deserts and scrublands and can be found throughout the Middle East. They can travel long distances across the desert.

Camel Spider

These are also known as ‘Wind scorpions’ or ‘Sun spiders.’ They are fast, predatory, and have an excruciating bite. Fun Fact: Camel Spiders follow human shadows to keep warm.

Canada Lynx

These solitary wildcats have long hair on their chins and ears called ‘Gray lynx.’ They are found in North America and prey on Snowshoe hares.


Cape lions are extinct. They once inhabited Africa’s southern Cape region. Their distinct characteristic was their black mane. Its other traits are the same as those of other lion species.


They are semi-aquatic rodents found in the swampy areas of central and south America. They have webbed digits that make them excellent swimmers. Fun Fact: Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world.