Animals That Start With H

Welcome to animals that start with H. Animals that begin with the letter H are pretty fascinating. I can guarantee you will discover something new on this list.


The Hagfish is an incredibly unique animal. Its slimy body can be pinkish-gray, blue, or purple. It is an eel-like animal that has no jaw.


Hares are small, furry animals with long ears, long hind legs, big eyes, and stout bodies. They are similar to rabbits, but they live above the ground, unlike rabbits.


Hedgehogs are known for the stiff and sharp spines on their coat. When they feel endangered, they roll up into a ball with the spines pointing outwards as a defense.


Herons inhabit wetlands around the world. They are long-legged birds with a sharp beak and S-shaped neck. The largest species, called the Goliath Herons, can grow as tall as 5 feet.


Hippos are large, barrel-shaped, semi-aquatic mammals found in Africa. Their eyes, noses, and ears are located at the top of their heads.

Honey Buzzard

The Honey Buzzard is a medium-sized raptor. Contrary to its name, it has nothing to do with honey. Instead, it’s the larvae of bees and wasps that it feeds on.

Horn Shark

Horn Sharks can be identified by their blunt heads, curved snout, and sharp spines. They also possess ridges above both eyes that resemble horns.

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