Animals That Start With I

Welcome to animals that start with I. Ever wondered what animals start with the letter I? Well, here is a list of such animals, and you are sure to learn something new today.


Ibex are wild goats with cloven hoods and very long horns that you can find in the mountains of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. Fun Fact: Their hooves work like suction cups to allow them to climb sheer cliffs.

Iberian frog

This is a species of frog that lives in Portugal and Spain. Unfortunately, they are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, water contamination, and other hazards.


Ibis was sacred to Egyptians and was highly respected by the Ancient Egyptians. As long as it is edible, the Ibis will feast upon it. They usually feed on insects and small fish.


You can also call it the white-blooded fish. They live in the southern ocean around Antarctica. Fun Fact: It is called white blooded because its blood lacks hemoglobin and appears white.


These reptiles are native to the jungles of Central and South America. They feed mainly on insects, fruits, and leaves. Fun Fact: They use visual signals to communicate.

Immortal Jellyfish

It gets its name because of its ability to regenerate and live forever. Its life span is indefinite. That is why they belong to the oldest living animals in the world. Fun Fact: It can hitchhike on cargo ships.